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    Adding the finishing touches! Will probably be releasing the new video tomorrow!
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    I just wanted to say Hi Bob, Emma, and everybody on the site. How do you post a thumbs up, or a heart, etc? I can't figure it out and couldn't find any information on the forums. I love all of your videos, EWU!! You could have a TV show. Your content is better than most of the imbeciles on TV. I just watched your new video and can't wait for the next one. Greg
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    I have an anxiety issue, "social anxiety disorder", so I have a long list based on that.
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    Not sure if this comment goes in this thread, but it seems so. One thing I have noticed is the EWU Crew (Bob, Emma and the Fam) takes the time to recognize the comments on their videos with either a “Like” or “Heart”, sometimes a reply and for that I applaud them. I did a small sampling of some other "youtubers" and nothing; no likes, hearts or replies. So it makes me wonder, do they even care? I mean why would you not want to at least recognize your viewer’s thoughts. I just think it’s really great they created this forum to be interactive with the fans. Thanks guys, sincerely appreciated.
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    Vomit / vomiting... Searched the thread to see if I was the only one.
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    I don’t post comments like that on any pictures of my friends kids lol , that is creepy ... he clearly is actively following these posts of young kids
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    You're coming over here to attempt to defend this creep? Not a good look! Doesn't ask for people to post pictures of their kids? You must be new to the internet. You don't have to blur a minor's photo, these are screenshots of publicly posted and available Facebook posts. It is used to inform the public that this 38 year old man displays (what most consider) disturbing behavior towards children and women. This is in clear interest of the public. E-mail from The G Team Paranormal Yeah, you're right, totally normal behavior, especially when taken into consideration with the fact The G Team Paranormal told us he was sending flirtatious messages to her underage granddaughter to the point she had to tell her to block him! Because that's totally normal and acceptable for a 38 year old man who posts stories on Reddit with harming children as a recurring theme! Yes, nothing AT ALL wrong here! Along with that perfectly fine behavior, I definitely see 38 year old men promoting underage girls' YouTube channels all the time while telling them how cute and funny they are and no one bats an eye because that's 100% normal! Not the classic signs of child grooming AT ALL! Little girl's mother's post 5 hours ago on Shape's Facebook page What you should be "concerned" with is this guy's track record. Of course, the little girl's mother won't care because she's thirsty AF and has a massive crush on this creeper. Apparently she's SO thirsty, she's willing to let a creepy man talk to her daughter in a way that would make most mothers get the heebie-jeebies. YUCK. Protect your child, bonehead!
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    Sorry Christie, In most of Canada we call them GP - General Practitioner. We also spell Color - Colour & Checks are Cheques And we put vinegar on our French Fries.
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    proud south african penguin hillbilly here.
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    The mother is a total douche bag, so hard up to find a man that it appears she is willing to allow her own child to be groomed by a 38 year old man. Does she not realize there are normal men out there she can find? I am at a loss for words.
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    Awnacletus, I was responding to Emma about a incident they were involved in. I would think that if EWU stayed they had a gun to protect themselves ( in which they didn’t even have a weapon on them) that they would have permits to carry and conceal. I don’t know what state they were in at the time. I never said anyone can carry guns anywhere. It was a response to Emma. But I will say I am all for being cautious and prepared under the laws of owning guns so if that’s what the issue is then I don’t know what else to say.
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    I've also seen him in a red mask and black mask.i could never trust someone who can't show there face. To me there hiding something
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    you could call the federal reserve or the treasury and give them the serial (the JJ6858951 thing) and then if you have money from the DB Cooper case you might get a reward lol
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    I hear you. I've always disliked the phone (except with good friends). Comes from my days in cold call Sales I think. I have a cell for email/soc. media and emerg calls but don't even give out my cell number to anyone except Liz of course. I like email but din't do the text thing. I'm way to slow and those little Cell phone keypads drive me nuts.
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    I absolutely HATE talking on the phone! I have never liked it, not sure why, but I just can't focus when I am on a phone conversation. I also hate flying and avoid it as much as possible.
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    I mean if we are all able to drop the 60ish grand it takes to get a Power Wagon or Raptor then you'd want the best bang for your buck. The raptor is great for sand....basically all its great for considering its horrendous towing capability. Like the hell you pay all of that money for? I live in the mountains of East Tennessee...that raptor isnt gonna do anything for me lol. The Power Wagon does all the raptor can do and more...for actually cheaper than the raptor. Now the biggest reason I push the Power Wagon so much is because I dont need another vehicle to tow or haul stuff around. I can do all my offroading and day to day stuff. Throw a tool box in the back and there yah go. Are there a few after market things you can add to the power wagon...sure. It was meant as a offroad work vehicle in the first place. Now outside of the two pickups, as Ive said before the 4runner is fine. So is a Jeep Wrangler. A commander or cherokee. Tacoma, rams, and a few others. Mainly you just have to put mods on em. I believe before I mentioned Ive seen some pretty bad ass Suzuki Samurais which a lot of people laugh at. Obviously there are some "offroad" labeled vehicles Id run from and no matter how much you dress it up...itll be horrendous. LoL
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    That is already underway. Look at how stupid all the knowledge of the internet has made people
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    My God whats wrong with these people! The Guy is wearing a Hockey Mask..... Hello?????
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    Thank you so much for the warm welcome!
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    I have a long military background, and I’ve been working in the security sector for many years and trained to be a bodyguard working with high end close protection. I’m definitely an expert regarding security. Don’t you worry about their safety, it’s way better than most people think, and mind you, that the camera doesn’t show you everything.
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    here is some detail about black star canyon https://backpackerverse.com/black-star-canyon/ it's located in Silverado, CA
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    Is this the one in California? If so I am familiar with the stories. If anyone is interested in the Black Star Canyon in CA, google the Hidden Ranch Murder of 1899 Here is a link to a blogpost about it!
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    Never made or make any.
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    Ooof, well, lol: Left wrist: kindergarten Right wrist: 4th grade Left ankle: 5th grade Right ankle: 13 years old on Halloween Pinky: High school basketball - actually the one that didn't heal right, lol. Bone healed with a huge bump. Right upper arm, the worst one. Broke in 3 places and had frozen shoulder after: in my late 30's trying to bumper sled. Lol.
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    I have never heard of this show, but now I am going to have to look it up.
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    @EWU Bob we have a family cemetery up in Maine where every headstone is a Kelley. I haven’t been there since I was a kid but I know I will go back at least one more time.
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    In one of these photos, it shows the only public telephone which is free in the whole area. There is no cellphone reception in the area.
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    Gp = General practitioner i.e. meaning your primary doctor
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    Nothing yet concrete or set in stone, but we are definitely working on it. We have been talking to an ex-flds who has cleared up a lot of misinformation, she left about 5 years ago. She has some super interesting information to share that will blow up a bunch of other myths and misconceptions, and also some interesting details on other important topics. We are trying to get her to interview with us, but she isn't sure if she wants to go on the record or not. We are still holding out hope. We also want to interview Christine as many seem to not understand her positions.
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    A lot of them probably just want to start a dust up with you. Kind of like poking a Bear with a stick.
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    If I ignored it, I wouldn't be able to make content out of it.
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    i'm happy you both are ok that is super scary
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    Wow, that was a lot of steak!
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    Wow, what a cool finding @That other Dave! So full of history!
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    I know it's a horror subreddit but most of his posts are targeted at children, plus the fact that he makes creepy comments under pictures of underage girls just confirms how twisted he really is.
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    omg you are lucky i love looking at the stars and the moon i even have a tattoo with both of those with a dolphin
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    Thanks, that's the Kingston Clan, which is another polygamous cult and that's Christine Katas. We didn't know it at the time, but she was the woman in that episode. Here is a comment she left in our video comments section: I think she basically posted exactly how I, myself, feel about it!
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    I actively avoid crowds too. The only time I feel claustrophobic is around too many people.
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    @umop3plsdn welcome to the family!!
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    Already found 2 vids I hadn't watched and several I had forgotten to like. I miss that Drone Bob! You got some great footage.
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    Everyone needs to try and visit a Forward moving glacier to hear and see it calve before they all disappear. It's really an amazing experience.
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    Thank you @HGOWDY, You can get a sticker here, but to be honest, it's a little expensive. We might have to just go our own route and get some printed up.
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    Il take pics of our best rocks when I get a chance Dave I been working the last ten days so not had time doubt anything will match that smokey Quartz I want lol
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    I can only speak for myself but I’d love a follow up. Maybe a “compilation” follow-up briefly touching on the cases you’ve covered so far?
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    I know what your saying I don’t watch much tv cause of the food commercials lol. I lost 75lbs in hospital but I’ve gained like 20 back so I’m eating less again
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    Wow, that's awesome and such a rare find! Usually places like this are completely destroyed just like the old mine near Rachel Nevada.
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