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    My name is Alex! I’ve been following EWU fam for about 4yrs now. I took me a while to join the site, but I’m here now and I’m excited to connect with all the EWU family around the world!
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    Hi I’m wondering if you could cover the Clydach murders case. there’s a man from my home town that was wrongfully committed of murder And there is a big police corruption and cover up. It’s the Clydach murders, there is a book that details everything and there was no evidence found at all for dai Morris who was accused and spent many years in prison. There’s a page on Facebook called “free dai Morris”. He really needs some help as he’s paid for someone else’s crime. Trying to get more notice to this case and maybe even a petition started to get him free Thank you if you even get to read this..
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    Hey all, We have been discussing an idea and were wondering if anyone here would like to participate. On many of our videos, we dig up as many assets (photos, videos, etc) of the case or story we are covering. We were wondering if anyone of you would be interested in helping us gather assets for future videos? This would take place in a private club so as to not spoil the videos for viewers. Let me know if anyone is interested in this. We also want to crowd-source ideas on what to cover in upcoming videos. Looking forward to hearing back from the community and seeing if anyone is interested.
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    I'd be willing to help whenever I have the free time for sure.
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    Variety of topics are great. Top 5 or 10 list are also great. There's many 'fringe' mysteries that you can dabble into. Conspiracies are a hot topic; UFOs, secret societies, Denver Airport or secretive buildings, MIB CRYPTIDS (Loved your skinwalker ranch and the Lovelock Giant) 10 best sightings, be it UFOs, Bigfoot, mothman, Lochness New Jersey Devils... Bermuda triangle, Alaska Triangle, Besides your normal cases
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    New EXPLORE WITH US video dropped! Today, we're covering 10 creepy photos with disturbing backstories. Watch it on YouTube
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    I started binge watching a lot of the youtube videos and loved the exploring ones, and found this forum and read this news. It's a shame you won't be doing any more exploring videos like before, but you gotta do what makes you happy, and I still have more to watch. Just wanted to say thanks for giving me cool content to watch while hunkering down during this covid nonsense. The one I just watched was the Washoe Club, and I'm still seething about your experience with that awful lady. Hope you guys still get to do fun exploring stuff, even if it's just for yourselves!
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    We created this new forum so members can submit their true stories (creepy, paranormal, ufo, etc.). If we choose your stories for a video, we will give you full credit! We have had a few requests from people asking where they could submit their stories, and we felt this was a great place to submit them. Only the poster will be able to see their own posts in order to not spoil it for others if they make it into a video! Let us know if you would like us to create a public one where all members can see your stories too!
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    I love your stories. If people don't like what changes you make, nobody makes them watch. I do miss seeing you all out exploring, but I like what you post too. Just keep doing what you like, true fans will stick around
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    I need a new profile photo ... working on it soon.
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    I’m a long time viewer. I’ve enjoyed and liked for a long time. I’ve just now signed up so I can leave a proper thank you. I’ve watched the videos for years and have seen you steadily improve. I’ve seen you pour your heart and soul into your content. I’ve seen your skills grow. It shows. It’s top shelf. So, I’ll miss the past. Change is not easy (as trolls demonstrate). I look forward to seeing what happens further on up the road. I’m not going anywhere. I bid you peace, love, and privacy. DBC
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    I would strongly consider it. I surf for info all the time on the net. It's fun! How would it work? Here's there a pool of topics you are working on and we are assigned several stories or do we just go out looking for info in general?
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    A lot of people have asked us for captions for our videos and we have been adding them! More captions to follow!
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    Welcome @Gemma to this awesome community! Thanks for sharing! It's an interesting case from the research I did after you mentioned it.
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    It’s not well known and I think it needs to be shared for people to help him. If you go on Facebook there’s a page there dedicated to him. Yes, the only reason he was arrested was because of his chain at he scene and after reading the book people accusing him and making him sound like he did it. He was really drunk on that night and whoever did the murder cleaned everything like a proper trained person would do. I believe he is innocent and I believe the real killer/s are being protected by the police. If you really read into it and read the book it literally tells you who did it as certain people were at the scene at the time of death and certain police was no where to be see during his shift but was acting shady after ... there’s loads more to read and go over but I would live to see this story blow up and the truth come out thank you . I love watching the explore with us videos. Have been watching and enjoying for years.
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    Interesting read this. I'm in the uk and never heard about this until now. I did a search and if I read it right, he was only convicted because he had no alibi and they fount a gold chain. It wasn't nice on what happened to the victims and if he is innocent I hope he does walk free one day. But if he did do it then he in the right place. It would be very interesting to find out on what happened though. P. S welcome to the community
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    My city - Grande Prairie, Alberta
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    If you don't mind me asking where's this airport?
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    I often send a reply, containing just the email address of the person who I am sure is responsible.
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    I Shall Be Active On This Fantastic ewucrew forum Very Soon! I miss my fellow ewucrew members!
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    Meh. It almost all goes to the Spam folder, I can delete it with 1 mouse click.
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    Just some of the spam I get on a daily basis. I deleted the 30+ gay sex related ones for this picture. I have no doubt who is behind it, considering the gay-sex angle.
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    Today, we're covering the true stories of cold cases finally solved in 2020. Watch the new EXPLORE WITH US video on YouTube!‬
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    haha, I forgot to post a link to the forum: https://ewucrew.com/index.php?/forum/95-submit-your-true-stories-here/
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    Nice to meet you , welcome aboard
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    This is not related but I wanted to put it out that sometimes dreams predict future stuff. I personally experienced some that turned out to be true.
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    I'm resubmitting this crazy experience that did happen to me. I am a person that detest lies and I will re-edit the old version and remove information that I'm no longer sure of. It has been over 30 years so some info is fuzzy. PARTY LINE FROM HELL In 1988, Ajax, Ontario, East of Toronto, (maybe 1989) The following story troubles me to this day and my wife at the time was with me. My ex-wife and I had retired to our bedroom and like always we would read our favourite books before sleeping. It wasn't too long before I place the book down on the coffee table and I turned off the lamp on my side of the bed. My ex-wife continued on reading. I had just shut my eyes (realistically probably two minutes had passed) when the phone rang. The phone was situated on my side of the bed. I answered the phone drawing the receiver to my ear. As I set the phone to my ear I could hear two male voices talking. I kept silent. The two males were talking about dumping a female body into a garbage bin. The male voices were troubled and in a state of panic. Fear hit me and I immediately hung up the phone. I was convinced that they would be able to locate me. I hid under the blankets where I eventually compose myself. I sat up and told my ex-wife that I just interceped a party-line call and that two males had just committed murder and dump the body into a bin. I must have sounded like a nut. My wife had a smirk on her face. What phone call? She explained that I had just turned off the light and laid my head down. I now realize it was just a dream. It took less then two minutes and I had a lucid dream. It seemed so real. The following day around supper time I was watching the local news at my in-laws. They arrested two male suspects for the death of a women. Police found her body in a garbage bin. Much of the suspect's particulars have been loss with the decades. I just can't remember. This story did happen. My inlaws were made aware of the dream before the news and my ex-wife wanted me to report my dream to the Police. I didn't want to sound like a craze person. If you were a police officer would have believed my story? I wish it was a joke. Why was I made to know this? Could I have alerted the police in time for them to prevent it? It was just a dream, nothing more. Right? But I do know that I didn't have the location of the bin. I would not have been able to provide solid proof. Was it all just one crazy coincidence? Lucid dreams can leave the dreamer believing it was real. But still a lucid dream about a party line revealing details of a murder that coincides with a real event. This was and still is freakin' creepy! ------------------------------------------- I been trying to locate this incident but to no avail. The local news covers many municipalities around Toronto and with the passage of time it's difficult for me to remember the details. This was before internet really took off. However if anyone have any connection with Toronto Metro Police please consider tracking the identies involved in this incident. The years 1988-1989 is locked in stone. I bring this up because there have been other cases were bodies have been found in bins after this date. I did try to research this event without luck. I don't have the best resources.
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    If I ever post or comment on anything that you can use, your more than welcome to use it in your video's or anywhere that you see fit bud.
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    ‪New EXPLORE WITH US video dropped! Today, we're covering 3 solved disappearances with unexpected twists. In each of these cold cases, no one could have possibly guessed where the missing person actually was the entire time. Watch it on YouTube
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    Ok thank you much! Here is the link to my podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-missing/id1511409852 I'm very interested in sharing his case after watching your videos about him and I'll definitely be referring all of the listeners to your channel for the information and videos to see. I can't believe his story isn't more out there. It may be a week or two, but I'll let you know when his episode is out! I've been watching a lot of your videos and I really enjoy them! Thank you for making me aware of Nic's case.
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    I am always happy to help because if it helps my Favorite community
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    Yep here it is bob I have the link https://www.cbc.ca/shortdocs/m/blog/reddit-websleuths
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    I think it would be more casual as we will create some topics on what we are currently working on and if it interests you, you can post info, photos, videos, etc. related to the case / story. Also, we want to hear ideas for cases as well.
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    Thank you . Happy to be here. Hopefully more people will come across this case and hopefully the truth will come out.
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    @randolphb not at all. People on this thread are in various time zones. From UK to East Coast. 10pm EST is my cut off switch. Also on occasion I will miss a comment or two but I do get to them. I enjoy what you have been contributing. There's plenty of undiscovered country out-there -scarcely populated region in this trapezoid. Any survivors of any down aircrafts would have a tough go. Keeping this topic a little crazy this stretch of land was home to the giant sloth 10 thousand years ago. Some reports claim that they are still around and appear to be carnivores. So if there were survivors... Messed up, I know. But the north west coast are riched in folklore and of course conspiracy theories. So many cryptid folklore along with regular sighting of UFOs. It has everything. The west coast can be a topic on its own.
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    I really need to get me a good set of optics for my long guns like that. And then learn how to properly sight them in!!
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    Any profit I get from sales goes towards fuel costs for my next trip. If you make a purchase, email me a copy of the invoice and I will send you 4 of my stickers FREE - thearea51rider@gmail.com https://teespring.com/stores/the-area-51-rider
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    I not long finished doing a run, the recipe is simular to what I done before. It's turned out really nice considering I done it. The bottle on the left is 74% The middle bottle is 48% that could abv or just plain water The bit in the milk bottle is my treat for tonight, well I need something for all my hard work. I'm still learning alot from doing this, my next one should be interesting.
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    Welcome @Comptonranger, to this amazingly friendly family!
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    Not my tea either. Love watching this kind of video's as i'm highly into war history stories, so i find these video's incredibly interesting. But it van also be very dangerous as a lot of bombs from WW1 & WW2 still aren't found and might still be explosive. They still find occasional bombs that have to be dismantled and it turns out they're highly explosive. So i would be extremely careful and deff not casually walk around like these people do on the video. Wouldn't be too surprised if some bunkers also might contain human remains as most soldiers dying in battle never have had a proper burial. Glad they came out safe though.
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    I was a Elementary Special Ed aide for 21 years. Drove a semi for U.S. Xpress for 6 months. I got a blood clot in my Lung, couldn't drive anymore. Working at Amazon for almost 2 years. Best job, being a grandma!
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    Welcome to the community Alex, great to have you here!
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    Welcome to the community
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