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    Could just be what the majority of the audience/subscribers/patrons want to see more of. Could be other reasons, too. Look at it this way - content production seems to have suffered across the board due to COVID, lockdowns, lost jobs, etc. If the crew is able to keep making content that engages the viewers, and keep the production quality to pretty high standards, that's a good thing for everyone. I know I haven't been able to get out and make much footage because of a number of factors, all related to COVID and the related issues it has caused. I've been getting a good trickle of subscribers the last few months, and I'd really like to get them NEW mine exploring content, but it's nearly impossible. Sure, I can go out, but it's a PAIN in the ass to get provisions, get parts and gear, and generally be gone very long from the family. I can't rightly do that to the wife (and she won't go underground!) Truthfully, if they are getting the eyeballs/views with the content they are producing, good for them. Everyone has to make a living and get through all the nonsense we're enduring
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    Yep, some people really like lighting a fire to a family channel for creating videos they like. It's their channel they can do what they like to do. As someone mentioned above 'don't like the content, don't watch. It really is that simple" if they can't understand that than they don't speak english. There are many others who like the content and are gonna watch them and there will be newbies who gonna like it and will watch and subscribe.
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    Close protection officer with military experience
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    I will never understand people like this. It's way over the top and every limit you can think of to attack a family for changing video content. You would think you launched ICBM's at Russia the way some people act. Furthermore, attacking your family includes the children. To me, that takes it to whole other level and is even further out of bounds. To risk sounding like a broken record as you, Emma, and I have all said quite a few times before, "don't like the content, don't watch. It really is that simple."
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    Real Estate Broker and school board Trustee. Single dad too, and that's the fun job!
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    Don't get paid or anything, post on random forums, because I get easily bored stuck at home (not related to the pandemdic).
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    Since some peolpe cannot mind their own business, nutcases would rather create drama no matter what. EWU can create whatever and however they feel/want. Brings awareness, insight, etcetera.
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    For those who didn't see my case stories from April and May here the case for you to see : Hollywood Sign - Ken Rex McElroy -
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    I'm an artist of my cartoon , doing some walking activity in days and evenings.
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    I head anywhere Bush to recharge Glass House Mountains QLD Australia
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    I tried out the P1000 tonight which was very difficult as the Moon was vertically above me and I am still getting used to it but I would have to say it is a better than P900 just enough to get better clarity of the Moon surface
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    Surely they have radar that is not reliant on GPS ? What is the range of non GPS based Radar now, compared to then. Surely it has a much longer range.
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    The Alaska Triangle, sometimes called Alaska’s Bermuda Triangle, is a place in the untouched wilderness of the Frontier State where mystery lingers and people go missing at a very high rate. The Alaska Triangle connects the state’s largest city of Anchorage in the south, to Juneau in the southeast panhandle, to Barrow, a small town on the state’s north coast. Here, is some of North America’s most unforgiving wilderness. The area began attracting public attention in October 1972, when a small, private plane carrying U.S. House Majority Leader Hale Boggs, Alaska Congressman Nick Begich, an aide, Russell Brown, and their bush pilot Don Jonz seemingly vanished into thin air while flying from Anchorage to Juneau. For more than a month, 50 civilian planes and 40 military aircraft plus dozens of boats, covered a search area of 32,000 square miles, but no trace of the plane, the men, wreckage or debris were ever found. Afterward, more planes went down, hikers went missing, and Alaskan residents and tourists seemed to vanish into thin air. In fact, since 1988, more than 16,000 people have disappeared in the Alaska Triangle, with a missing person rate at more than twice the national average. In any given year, 500-2000 people go missing in Alaska, never to be seen again. Authorities conduct hundreds of rescue missions, most often return without finding the missing person or any evidence at all. These disappearances are blamed on everything from severe weather to aliens, to swirling energy vortexes, to an evil shape-shifting demon of Tlingit Indian lore called Kushtaka. But the most likely explanation of these many missing people is the wilderness itself. Within this area are dense forests, craggy mountain peaks, massive glaciers, hidden caves, and deep crevasses where downed aircraft or lost hikers might easily be hidden and then covered by snowfall, hiding any trace of human activity. This harsh landscape is also filled with wild animals and is subject unforgiving weather, including avalanches. More th­an half of the nation’s federally-designated wilderness lies in Alaska and many of the permanent disappearances are linked to perilous, natural elements. Alaska is bound by 33,000 miles of coastline, contains more than three million lakes, untamed wildlife, and winters that blanket vast reaches of the state in snow and ice. However, there are many that support the idea of energy vortexes within the triangle. Energy vortexes are thought to be swirling centers of energy concentrated in specific places where the energy crackles most intensely. The energy radiates in a spiraling cone shape clockwise or counterclockwise, creating positive and negative effects. They are thought to affect humans in various physical, mental, and emotional ways. Positive vortexes spiral upward in a clockwise motion creating an enhancing flow of energy. This type is said to be conducive to healing, meditation, creativity, and self-exploration. People actively search these places out to feel inspired, recharged or uplifted. Some of the places where positive vortexes are said to exist are the Egyptian pyramids, Stonehenge, the Sedona desert, and sacred temples and cathedrals throughout the world. Alternatively, negative vortexes spiral downward in a counterclockwise motion, creating a draining or depleting energy and depleting the positive energies in its vicinity. In humans, they are believed to cause health problems including depression, nightmares, disorientation, confusion, and both visual and audio hallucinations. They are also said to cause electrical instruments to malfunction. Some places that are said to be filled with negative vortexes are the Bermuda Triangle, Japan’s Devil’s Sea, and Easter Island. Electronic readings in Alaska have found large concentrations of magnetic anomalies, some of which have disrupted compasses to the point that they are as much as 30 degrees off. In addition, some search and rescue workers have reported having audio hallucinations, disorientation, and lightheadedness. It is unclear whether vortexes really exist and the theory has been open to a good amount of skepticism, but is it possible? Despite the warnings from authorities regarding weather, wildlife, and environmental conditions, hundreds of tourists visit Alaska to see the unspoiled land, many of whom are unprepared for the natural elements. Some of these people probably became lost in the middle of nowhere, resulting in the numerous search and rescue operations performed each year. That, however, does not explain why there are more disappearances in the Alaska Triangle than elsewhere in the state. Whether the mysterious disappearances of the Alaska Triangle are the result of natural perils, strange energy vortexes, or ancient evil spirits, they are certainly alarming.
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    We all can't be making a living from YouTube ect so what's your daily job? I'm a carer for a disabled person who is my wife. I work around 16 hours a day for about £9 a day, so crap money but worth it. Hope this will be a fun one as I know it makes alsorts to turn the world plus it may help if anyone needs help ect. Thanks folks
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    Still chillin. Be back in full drive around the fifth. I didn't want people to think I'm ignoring them.
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    Amazing country.
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    The second series of 'snake feature' pix are very interesting. The first series appears to be a series of off set craters. We're seeing the partial ridges of those craters. However the last set is odd. I'll be checking these pix when I'm officially back from my break. Keep sending those pix.
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    The Surge Wrasse Excerpt from Wikipedia The surgewrasse or Thalassoma purpureum is a species of wrasse native to the southeast Atlantic Ocean through the Indian and Pacific Oceans, where it inhabits reef and rocky coastlines in areas of heavy wave action. It is normally found in depths of less than 10 metres (33 ft). It lives in females groups which are spread out over large areas of reef and which are dominated by a few males which grow much larger than females. It is a carnivorous species which preys on small invertebrates such as crabs and small fishes. It is a protogynous hermaphrodite, females change sex to become males. -------------------------- This unique ability along with its colours makes this animal and easy contender for the strange classification.
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    Another snake like feature as far as I can tell its different from the previous one above
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    Nice right angle almost compound looking feature top center of picture
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    Wow some of you got really lovely places that you go and chill. Thanks for sharing and please keep them coming folks.
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    After rehab from not hearing Bob call something Sketchy or old I'am quite enjoying the new content
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    I still think we would have the speed advantage. The modern Aircraft Carrier is faster, so it can stay out of range and it's jets are just that. Jets. Some are able to go mach 2.0 depending on what the ship is carrying. The carries stick out like a store thumb, with a nice large flat surface. A modern craft could not only evade the radar, but fire a missile in visual range and be out of there before they could scramble the planes. They would see the jet coming, or the very least hear the roar of it. However, they might not understand what they are looking at or hearing and could be slow to react. I know the modern day jets can fire missiles from several KM away, and are laser guided. You also have the fact that modern day missiles would pack a much bigger punch, and move much faster.
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    I re-read what I put down. Lol. I have no idea why I put down radar. They had radar around 1939. Many of the systems require sats. That was my point. The aircraft carrier would indeed have a limited range with their radars. Most precision weaponry requires sats. Here something I read After GPS being launched, the warheads could be delivered to any part of the globe using the border of the onboard computer in the missile with the help of GPS satellite system. GPS allows accurate targeting of various military weapons including ICBMs,cruise missiles, and precision guided weapons. I also read where the Navy is reintroducing cadets how to navigate through stars. This practise was abandoned about a decade or so ago because of GPS. But growing concern over security has lead the higher-ups to re-introduce the star navigating. Now back on topic. The old fighters stands a better chance of winning in their own time period then in modern time.
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    I work at a British Motor Racing Circuit. Involved in the motorsports industry.
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    Bummer, this is still a fun idea though
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    Bruce contacted me, he is postponing his "Bob Lazar Nights" until further notice, due to a resurgence of COVID 19
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    Can you imagine being the parents and seeing your dead child on tv!
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    I knew about this one. It's looks like something out of a Disney movie.
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    I must say I have never heard of this one. It looks prehistoric.
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    Reminds me of Rick and Morty for some reason....
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    Hey EWU crew! It's good to hear directly from the source about what is going on. I was getting genuinely concerned about your "disappearance"! I wish we could have seen this post a couple weeks ago tho. I like the "new" old style content because it is very well researched and very well edited in my opinion. Still, I think a lot of subscribers miss seeing the happy family doing interesting things, I know I do. As they say, it is what it is. So keep cracking on and do what you love to do. If you really enjoy the "work" that you do, then it's not really "work" after all! Looking forward to the future of EWU and can't wait for the next vids 73 and take care...
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    So creepy how his eyes are still open the way they are!
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    Living out here in NM and also driving a semi tanker between here and CO while passing through TX and OK, I got to get creative with "breather points". I'd say as of the last month, I've been routinely parking at a 7-11 truck stop off of the 25 in Firestone CO east of Longmont. Carls Jr, Starclucks, and a Del Taco in proximity. And there's also St Vrain State Park a few miles away if I decide to pull my bicycle off the back and go for a ride. But if there's one go-to spot for general kick back and eating lunch in my pickup or leaning against my motorcycle, the Fort Sumner/Billy The Kid gravesite is a chill place to park it. Had to make a little trip up to Santa Rosa and back today and decided to pull in here for a little tailgate, social distancing picnic.
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    Symbiotic employment. You have a place to put your gems. Just be careful not to sell sell your tupperware without checking them first.
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    International jewel thief and part time Tupperware salesman.
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    I had to retire due to health reason but I was mainly in the enforcent and investigative field. I also did a bit of journalism. My pension and what's left of my reserve keeps me afloat.
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    i am a professional stalker. lol i do information technology investigations and i work in cyber security.
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    I have a youtube channel exploring here in the UK exploring abandoned places, mainly alone, mainly creepy locations, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC57nvqOIY7PULk4Z2Bu-hCg
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    I just post a few videos a few music and some very short hikes etc., not enough to have it monetized it doesn't even show up in my adsense account ( I build websites) and so far I wasn't affected. btw I subscribed to your channel earlier Lady Spookaria. I'm on the 2nd of your videos so far and they're great! Really great well written stories and I love your narration. https://www.youtube.com/user/stanwilliamsmusic
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    Awesome @Lady Spookaria, I am going to check it out! YouTubers should help each other out, but sadly, most spend their time tearing each other down. Hopefully we can foster a helpful community here and support each other.
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