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    We got lots of comments on our last video requesting we cover the SecureTeam10 situation. If we make a video on this, is there anything in particular you'd like to see us cover specifically?
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    Ths secureteam10 is kinda a strange channel if you know what I mean but it would be cool to see what you guys come up with.
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    I've been looking into it tonight and the situation is pretty insane. A lot to cover, that's for sure!
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    I have read things ranging from Tyler is dead to he's addicted to pain pills, alcohol and he lost everything in a divorce. I have seen a couple of SecureTeam10 video's a long time ago but don't really know much about him. I just hope you guys can verify that he's okay.
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    I have used to watch his video, but it seems that he has lost all interest in making video, he comes back and then he disappear again, he did that a few times already when I watch his video.
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    Cool I can't wait to see what you guys come up with!
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    This is such a sad case, there's so much about it that just doesn't add up. I don't understand how they couldn't recover pictures from his camera? We do it all the time here in the UK? There's hardly anything publicised about him or anyone that goes missing in Kingman, somethings not right at all! They're acting like they don't care. I really hope he and all the other missing people get found someday and get the justice they all rightfully deserve
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    That was a nice video, Thanks for putting it up. Dont let the haters get to you. I like the music. The wind makes it sound like a western movie. The Hell with the haters. Off with their Heads I say!
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    Good to see they are enforcing the 6 foot rule, I have seen some very long lines where people are all bunched up and defeating the purpose.
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    Surreal experience at Costco yesterday. They are limiting the number of people in the store, so you have to line up outside with your cart and wait. Security was making everyone maintain a 6 ft. distance. They had everything I could see in stock, including toilet paper (1 Per Customer!), but no ground meat. Staff constantly wiping the handles on all the coolers. 6 ft. rule at the checkouts too. I wasn't in a particularly good mood yesterday, had to tell someone to "back the f*** off" only once.
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    Happy Birthday for yesterday
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    Thank You sweet lady !
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    @EWU Emmayou May have this already but check this link and scroll down to secure10 new troubles https://spacedoutradio.com/more-trouble-for-secureteam10/ POSTED INALL, CELEBRITY, LEGAL, NEWS More Trouble For SecureTeam10 GAIL HODSON SHIRK FEBRUARY 9, 2020 1 COMMENT More Trouble For SecureTeam10 By Dave Scott Youtube’s biggest UFO channel, SecureTeam10, is in hot water again. This time, it’s regarding the logo SecureTeam10 has been using since their inception.
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    Hello There and welcome back
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    Nice Geigle always enjoy your vids bro
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    nice going to start watching tomorrow
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    Started watching it. Love it so far. I will keep the rest for tonight. Thanks for posting!
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    How Volcanoes Work BY TOM HARRIS Volcanoes are some of nature's most awe-inspiring displays, with everything from exploding mountaintops to rivers of lava. Learn how all the different types of volcanoes work. See more volcano pictures. Whenever there is a major volcanic eruption in the world, you'll­ see a slew of newspaper articles and nightly news stories covering the catastrophe, all stressing a familiar set of words -- violent, raging, awesome. When faced with a spewing volcano, people today share many of the same feelings volcano-observers have had throughout human history: We are in awe of the destructive power of nature, and we are unsettled by the thought that a peaceful mountain can suddenly become an unstoppable destructive force! Some powerful volcanoes will pack its very own weather systems
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    Ok guys and gals, these criiters and animals are harder to see. Can you find them? Easy one. I can't see it. It's a flounder. Cute Yikes I have no clue. It's supposed to be a moth. These pix are from www.livescience.com they are extremely reputable group. So there must be a critter in each pix.
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    This is the best I can do.
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    Ti's CALLED "DON'T HAVE CHILDREN". Unless deep fried ! I"M KIDDING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    You look younger then I do.
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    Okay I won't. But here is a pic taken just seconds ago of my BIG FAT FAT self. From the neck up. LOLOLOLOLOL Notice my walker in the background. Hardly use it though. Prefer my POWER CHAIR !
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    Happy birthday!
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    Arvada, Colorado, it's in Jefferson county and is about 10 miles from Denver which has been under lock down for a few days.
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    No no need to change it. Happy Birthay Sir Mark.
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    Turned sixty yesterday. My profile pic is when I was in my 30's. Should I change it?
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    I'm reading ur text and I'm looking at ur profile pix. Your 60? I'm still a couple more years away but it is sneaking up on me.
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    I'm 60 now. OLD. When Bette Davis said getting old ain't for sissy's she was darn right. PAIN and LOTS of it. POOR POOR ME. LOLOLOL
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    Good to see you back. All are things?
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    Had a little cat nap myself and woke up to this
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    I spotted them all the flounder and moth thing were the hardest to see. Amazing pictures.
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    thank you glad you posted this since i don't want to see any of that stuff
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    Due to the nature of politics and political discussions, we are going to remove and request that politics only occur in clubs that allow it and not on our main community. Politics can be very divisive and heated and we want the main community forums to remain welcoming and peaceful for everyone. Of course you can create your own private club and discuss whatever you want in there so long as it's legal. Thank you for understanding.
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    I think of being at a zoo where a gorilla can charge the glass. On queue we all step back with a moment of fright. However the above takes it to a new level. It is not for me. Lol!
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    It's a pain but good to know It's being enforced.
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    It's funny I never accounted for people's overreacting and hoarding, which by default led to an endless loop of nonsense. Again I say that I'm nowhere near a panic mode with respect to the virus. I have always been an 'insane-atizer'. I practice due diligence. It's the people that I'm concern about. I don't want to think about the myriad of possibilities that may occur, if our government don't enforce self isolation for all.
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    A few counties in PA are not on "Stay at Home" orders...I'm in one of those counties. I think the whole state of NJ is on Stay at Home orders too. Never in my life would I have imagined something like this. I had hubby take inventory of his ammo. Just being prepared in case things do get worse.
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    Hi Dylan, I hope you and your family are doing well.
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    Can the adults do that on their own?
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    I have been kicking around the idea of making a documentary on those who live in the middle of nowhere. Would this interest you? If so, what kind of questions would you like to see asked about those who live in the middle of nowhere?
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    This sounds like very intriguing subject for a documentary. Especially if it’s focused on people living off the grid in the middle of nowhere. I would love to hear how they feel about their lifestyle, and why did they choose it.
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    I just wanted to welcome any new members who may find their way over here to our new official forums. A place where we can build a real community and communicate directly with you! Since YouTube is so sketchy these days, we wanted a place where we could remain in contact with the viewers regardless of what happens on any of the social media sites. We can send out our own notifications for new videos and updates! If you don't want to miss another EWU Video, be sure to sign up today! I know on a lot of the other platforms, it's difficult to have real discussions about serious topics, and we wanted a place where we could work with viewers and fellow YouTubers. This will allow us to do some real crowd sourcing research and to have a place where anyone can drop a tip on a case they would like to see covered, a mystery they would like to see, etc.. Feel free to introduce yourself while we get things fully setup.
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