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    working on the next video for the 2nd channel!
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    Filmed two videos today! One is a bit different and more serious than our usual uploads. Stay tuned...
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    Due to the nature of politics and political discussions, we are going to remove and request that politics only occur in clubs that allow it and not on our main community. Politics can be very divisive and heated and we want the main community forums to remain welcoming and peaceful for everyone. Of course you can create your own private club and discuss whatever you want in there so long as it's legal. Thank you for understanding.
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    Ready to head out to the middle of nowhere to do some exploring! Social distancing is not a problem in the middle of nowhere!
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    We got lots of comments on our last video requesting we cover the SecureTeam10 situation. If we make a video on this, is there anything in particular you'd like to see us cover specifically?
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    Hi everyone. Just checking in!!! I hope you all are doing good!
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    I my younger days i was a world traveler and explorer. I studied religion, anthropology, paleontology, and osteology. I worked with National geographic for 18 years. I just made it back home to my auntie and mom so i can help take care of them in this bad times they are very old now and need lots of help. I do not know what's going to happen in the next few weeks but i hope that everyone stays safe and free of sickness now is a good time to pray for the world and family and friends i not really sure how bad or good this is going to get but love what you guys do lots times it all i have that keeps me going hope that the communication stays open love ya later.
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    I hope everyone stays safe during this crazy pandemic. I am going to work harder than ever during this time. What are your plans during these uncertain times?
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    Got a fresh cup of coffee and getting to editing.
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    Just waiting for Emma to finish up the next video (both Emma and Lily have been working on the latest videos). Hoping the weather will clear up so we can go enjoy some sun!
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    Hey guys, I just saw Dennis's Latest video. He is in the hospital and is sick. For those of you that dont him please check out the video anyhow. He is probably one of the nicest people on this earth. He is the type that goes without so others can be happy. His kidneys have failed. They pulled out like 8 gallstones. He is not feeling will. Please stop by his channel to wish him a speedy recovery. His link is below.
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    I understand @EWU Bob and @EWU Emma closing the Twitter accounts as it is a toxic place but please dont close this forum. From what I can see no one on here is toxic, it's a nice little community where we can communicate with each other from all parts of the world. Plus if we all end up in self isolation we will need the company!
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    I got rid of my Twitter account today so now no one can think they can dictate it! LIFEHACK!
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    Hey Everyone! how's it going! I'm the infamous "EWU EGG" on Twitter, I've just signed up to the forum! I'm beyond excited to be here and am very honoured excuse my grammar and spelling I have not used a Forum in so long it's so exciting! I look forward to chatting with you all and discussing various topics with you and I also look forward to getting to know you all as I come outta my shell , some fun facts about me I'm a gamer my favourite games are Red Dead Redemption 2 and Grand Theft Auto V I also stream on Twitch which is quite fun! I really love old school rap think Tupac, Biggie etc. I got into EWU watching the video where they find that horse corpse? I hope that's the right one but I've been a fan ever since it's crazy to see how the content has changed and evolved overtime and it's become a Family creating videos and exploring, I usually enjoy their more seriously toned videos where they search for missing people however; I love the exploration videos too as you can see the fam having a laugh and just a great time checking out cool locations! Name: EWU EGG/J AGE: ?? Residence: UK Likes: Gaming, Streaming, Content Creating, Food. Dislikes: Rude People, Horndogs.
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    Please dont close down ewucrew.com we really like this place. And @EWU Bob this place rocks
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    I think it's clear he is a douche bag, but we did not know this when we first started to cover the case. I agree, he doesn't even have the common courtesy to contact us directly to talk about it, but instead tries to bash us publicly, but I think that reflects poorly upon him as everyone can see he is not a nice guy. I honestly believe he enjoys the attention or he would have just put out a statement early on that they were quitting and nobody would have bothered to even care. We will continue to cover cases like this because many of our viewers ask us too, and because we are interested in it. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. We believe in our constitution and rights, and if we feel someones rights are being violated, regardless if they are douche bags or not, we will cover it and try to shine a light on it. We WILL always fight for our rights regardless if they are liars, douche bags, etc. We had no idea what happened to these two and were worried they were being detained without their day in court, which would be a violation of our constitution. I don't think covering topics like this are a waste of time though, but rather, I feel they are very interesting, and judging by the feedback, many others agree. We will never know exactly what happened to Mac Adventures, but at least those who were interested have some type of closure.
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    Just got back from taking this kids out for target practice and we all had a blast. I need to get a youth rifle for Charlie, seems my little 22 lr is still too heavy for him.
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    i think fpsrussia stopped because of the court case, i cant remember if he was convicted of the murder or not
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    Good to see they are enforcing the 6 foot rule, I have seen some very long lines where people are all bunched up and defeating the purpose.
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    Surreal experience at Costco yesterday. They are limiting the number of people in the store, so you have to line up outside with your cart and wait. Security was making everyone maintain a 6 ft. distance. They had everything I could see in stock, including toilet paper (1 Per Customer!), but no ground meat. Staff constantly wiping the handles on all the coolers. 6 ft. rule at the checkouts too. I wasn't in a particularly good mood yesterday, had to tell someone to "back the f*** off" only once.
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    Thank you Bob! Two things that will always cause major butt hurt. Politics and Religion
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    Excerpt: Oddity Central Dog with Human Like Eyes and Smile Takes Internet by Storm Nori, an adorable Aussiepoo mix from Seattle has become an internet sensation thanks to his expressive eyes and cute smile, which many have described as eerily human-like. When they see Nori’s almond-shaped eyes and pink lips that curl into an almost human smile, most people can’t help but do a double-take. His owners, Kevin Hurless and Tiffany Ngo, say that, over the years they have gotten used to people’s reactions when they notice Nori’s human-like facial features, but the attention has become overwhelming since photos of their pooch went viral on social media, about a week ago. “When he was a puppy, we couldn’t go more than a block without someone stopping us to ask questions about him,” 33-year-old Kevin told Caters News. “It has become less frequent as he’s gotten older, but we still often hear about how human his face and eyes look.”
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    We've been having a TON of fun lately filming reaction videos on our second channel and wanted more ideas on what you'd like to see next! Post your ideas here, and if you aren't already subscribed, here's a link to the channel! LINK: https://www.youtube.com/ewucrew
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    Video about to go up on the second channel & video is ALMOST DONE for the first channel!
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    I just wanted to clarify that we currently do not have any plans to get rid of this forum. It's really up to you all, the users, if this forum stays online. If it stays active, it will remain online, but if it dies in terms of activity, we don't see any reason to keep a dead forum online. I have received a few messages of people who were under the impression that we would be getting rid of the forum soon, but that's not currently on the table. We were dealing with someone who was a member of the forums who was making the experience of using the community frustrating, but he is no longer part of the community.
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    Just wanted to show y’all who are interested in science and engineering what my team and I have been up to!! This is a proof of concept for the design and manufacturing of a bio-inspired spider rolling robot for the exploration of Mars. Essentially, we designed legs and proved that it can roll itself on an incline without electronics, while staying stable. Exciting first step!! My team member is pushing the sphere. Video here!!
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    Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I may not be on here as much as I usually am for the next few weeks or more. Since the last time I went MIA I promised I wouldn’t let that happen again, so I’m letting you guys know not to worry! I’m dealing with a few things and I’ll be back when I get it situated. I hope you all have a great and safe St. Patrick’s Day! I’ll pop in every now and again when I can!!
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    EWU Crew Drew's First (amateur) Paranormal Investigation. Just editing now! Stay Tuned. !
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    Hi I'm Brian... just saying a quick hello from the Philippines. ..
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    Hehe aww you guys :).. thanks for the welcome ... have a wonderful weekend ahead @SarahC@NiallNWD@wimc@EWU Bob@Christie@Drew B@Spida@EWU Rooney
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    Updates Emma?
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    Yes! I know I've been a little MIA but I'm back and don't wanna leave again
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    Excerpt from Listverse New Partner BFF This officer from South Carolina, US, has teamed up with a new “partner” after rescuing the tiny ginger kitten. And he already has several rescued cats and dogs at home. Free Food for the Hungry Indian Fusion Curry House in Canada give free food to anyone who needs it. “If you are hungry but have no money to pay for food, just ring the bell or come for a box of free food or coffee any time,” says a sign on the door. Lacey Dunkin and her six adopted children. Lacey wanted to be a mom and decided to adopt a child alone. But when she came across six sisters, she knew she couldn’t separate them and ended up adopting all six. “My life without them would’ve been empty,” she says. Terrence Stroy, Rodney Smith Jr. and their neighbor. Terrence and Rodney, from Alabama, US, decided to help their 93-year-old neighbor cut her lawn one day. From that act of kindness, they’ve set up a charity with dozens of volunteers helping senior citizens, disabled people, and single parents look after their homes and gardens
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    We will be addressing this in our next video which will be uploaded either today or tomorrow on the main channel.
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    We are going to be trying to produce more videos, so we may not be as active on social media, but we will try to stay active here in the community!
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    guys should I get ducks or chickens I can't decide
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    Rahat is an interesting character supposedly he didn't give a homeless guy the money he supposedly gave him in the video https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgtBfURWQHUiImS7StRTkhA/videos <--- channel inserted here, I remember watching his pranks back in the day I wouldn't be suprised if he left due to the "drama" or just the fact the prank genre on youtube died down.
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    Speedy recovery Dennis.
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    Thank you bob, I hate politics, finally something that should not relate to politics and politics does coz heated arguments which results in more cursing an all that stuff.
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    As I remember somebody once ask me I've forgotten somebody on the last EWU Crew Artwork I did . So I decided to do the another cartoon design of the EWU Mom Here the artwork of EWU Mom holding a sign announcing the new family member coming and today is definitely Mother Day . @EWU Bob@EWU Emma @EWU Lily @EWU Audrey Here you go
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    NEW VIDEO UP ON THE SECOND CHANNEL! https://www.youtube.com/ewucrew
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    Real fans/friends only care about the Family and watching you do what you love most... sharing awesome videos with us
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    Kinda crazy how people feel they can tell others how to run their twitter accounts, but in the end, I think it's best to leave twitter as it's nothing but a toxic cesspit and only takes away time from our YouTube. We have started a second channel now and want to upload to each channel at least 3 times a week, and plan to start a third channel in the next few weeks. Not much time going to be left for social media, so no more dealing with the people who think they can just tell us how to run stuff. Might end up shutting this down too as time is going to be super limited.
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    This is from Paradise CA fire this cat jump on this firefighters shoulders and wouldn’t let him go
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