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    Should we drop a new video today??
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    Anyone out there who loves going and exploring with your children? I know we have always explored, even when the children were real young. Any tips for safety? Favorite memories? I know we will will never forget when we saw a mother deer give birth and the baby rolled down the embankment and into the creek. (Bob had to save it!). Aww the sounds a baby deer makes!
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    Merry Christmas everybody. Sunrise this morning with Mount Rainier
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    There seems to be a lot of misinformation and confusion regarding public BLM land, mining claims, and public access to BLM Land on YouTube. I have to answer the same questions over and over again, and I thought it would be a great time to educate the public on public land. I will just link them here to this thread when they say something silly about public BLM land. Feel free to jump right into the conversation. I will attach different documents to this thread, and if you have any more to attach, please do so. The most common misconception I see on YouTube regarding BLM and Mining Claims is that owning a mining claim (unpatented), makes it private land. Here was a comment from this morning: 001DesertRat As many here already know, owning a mining claim and paying the small annual fee does not grant one exclusive access to the land. Here is a quote from the attached BLM document, that you can also find here: The surface of an unpatented mining claim is NOT your private property, the ownership remains with the United States. The BLM or Forest Service has the right to manage the surface and surface resources on an unpatented mining claim. This includes recreational public use of the area and public access across lands covered by the unpatented mining claim. To put it another way: A mining claim on public lands is a "possessory interest." This means that a mining claimant has a limited right to the location for mining or milling purposes only. No deed accompanies this right. It does not grant exclusive right to "vacation" or "fish" on the land to the claim holder. If the surface use is not otherwise encumbered, anyone may enter upon public lands for recreational purposes. Mineral claims are not a homesteading program. The federal government requires an initial payment to file a mining claim, followed by a annual maintenance fee. In addition, each of the individual states or counties may have their own recording schedules and fee requirements that a prospective claim-holder would need to research. Source The next misconception is that a mining claim owner can keep people off their land. Again, according to the BLM: Can I keep the public off my claim? The public has the conditional right to cross mining claims or sites for recreational and other purposes and to access Federal lands beyond the claim boundaries BLM Mission Statement: BLM Mission Statement It is the mission of the Bureau of Land Management to sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of the public lands for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations. Patented mining claims are no longer public land. Once they are patented, they become 100% private land. They do not show up as being owned by the BLM. Since October 1, 1994, Congress has imposed a moratorium on BLM accepting any new mineral patent applications. Source Public Use Cabins BLM manages several public use cabins throughout Alaska. Few are located near roads, and most are accessible only during the winter. Some cabins are available on a "first-come, first-served" basis, while others need to be reserved in advance. Most cabins are rustic with primitive amenities, such as wood stoves for heating, propane cookstoves and lanterns, and pit outhouses. Users need to be prepared to "rough it." There are 4 shelter cabins along the Iditarod National Historic Trail and 12 public use cabins in the White Mountains National Recreation Area. There are also free first-come first-serve trail shelters along the Pinnell Mountain National Recreation Trail. Contact the Anchorage Field Office or the Fairbanks District Office for more details on Public Use Cabins. Source Steven's Camp - Stevens Camp is a popular camping area located at the North end of High Rock Canyon. It is a convenient and accessible camping area that provides a good base camp for exploration of High Rock Canyon and the surrounding uplands - rich in game and not many people. There are four established camping areas at Stevens Camp, including a large site near the free use cabin. The cabin site(s) includes amenities such as a vault toilet, picnic tables, fire pits and a grill. The cabin itself is available for public use on a first-come first-served basis and includes amenities such as running water (must be treated prior to drinking), a wood stove, a shower and hot water heater, and connections for generator to provide power and lights to the cabin. There is a 14 day maximum stay limit. The cabin is full most of the summer, so don’t expect to be the only person looking to use the facilities. This old home has an interesting history. From what I remember reading in Nevada Magazine, this old home was once owned by a country music star, although I cannot remember his name. I found another source that says something else about the history, so who knows who is right, but plenty of photos here: http://www.rimworld.com/brx/stevenscamp/index.html Source Massacre Ranch - Located along the historic Applegate Trail in northwestern Nevada, Massacre Ranch is a primitive cabin that is open to recreation use on a first come first serve basis. The cabin has a wood stove, lights and electrical outlets (generator required), a table, and an outside fire pit. Water may not be available on site and all water should be treated prior to use. There is a 14 day maximum stay limit. Massacre Ranch sits at over 6,000 feet above sea level and can be a comfortable location in the heat of the summer. Source And just to add another to the short list, http://www.boxcarcabin.com/. In regards to BLM leased land: Most public lands administered by BLM are open year round to public use. The public can use these lands for recreation unless the lands have been officially closed to fire danger or other emergency hazard. Public roads, thoroughfares or waterways may be used to gain access to public lands. The public cannot cross private lands to reach public land if no public thoroughfare exists. The landowners permission must be obtained before crossing private lands to reach public lands. Leasing does not alter or restrict authorized public use; therefore, lessees cannot maintain locked gates, signs, or other devices on public lands. Some lessees participate in a formal program in which BLM lands can be closed to public use IF a corresponding amount of private land is made available to the public. Such lands must be clearly posted with open and closed signs. Any questions should be referred to the appropriate field office. Source Another comment I get so often is, "Just because it's on BLM doesn't mean it's not a patent land" or something to that affect. Correct me if I am wrong, but land that has been patented is no longer public and is private land. I have checked this with the BLM GloreRecords and county assessor records. Every time I find a patent listed in the BLM records, and I cross reference it with the county records, it always shows up as private land in the county records. Therefore, this should be a non issue if you are using county records to research a piece of real property. Backcountry Navigator and MyLandMatters does a good job,but it's not perfect. I think the county records are the most reliable source of information on this. Am I missing anything?
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    My Blue Point Siamese cat named Bronx
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    Still no reply from Gold Rush Expeditions. Waiting to see if he posts and blatantly ignores us. I hope he doesn't think if he tried to rat on us for doing NOTHING ILLEGAL and he ignores us, we're just going to let it go.
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    I just wanted to say Hi Bob, Emma, and everybody on the site. How do you post a thumbs up, or a heart, etc? I can't figure it out and couldn't find any information on the forums. I love all of your videos, EWU!! You could have a TV show. Your content is better than most of the imbeciles on TV. I just watched your new video and can't wait for the next one. Greg
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    I have an anxiety issue, "social anxiety disorder", so I have a long list based on that.
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    Not sure if this comment goes in this thread, but it seems so. One thing I have noticed is the EWU Crew (Bob, Emma and the Fam) takes the time to recognize the comments on their videos with either a “Like” or “Heart”, sometimes a reply and for that I applaud them. I did a small sampling of some other "youtubers" and nothing; no likes, hearts or replies. So it makes me wonder, do they even care? I mean why would you not want to at least recognize your viewer’s thoughts. I just think it’s really great they created this forum to be interactive with the fans. Thanks guys, sincerely appreciated.
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    Emma, the sad fact is they will never disappear. As long as these guys can post anonymously, those type of comments will continue. Here's what I suggest - delete, block, forget.
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    The silence is interesting as it seems to suggest the possibility that he is indeed working with the stalker, but it's also possible he is out surveying some new mines to sell. It would be pretty funny if he was working with Marian and then she threw him under the bus! I guess that would be deserving of someone who clearly underestimated the people he was targeting for false reports to law enforcement. If he was involved, I am betting Marian convinced him we were a soft target, but I guess some will have to learn the truth the hard way.
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    Vomit / vomiting... Searched the thread to see if I was the only one.
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    I am also trying to lose weight, but I have been eating fast food almost everyday. i know its bad, but it's so damn good. burger and fries.
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    Thank you! It was incredibly creepy that someone was lurking around telling us they were going to "surprise" us in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere. We kept seeing them drive around below us and shining lights at us. The deputy literally tuned into the livestream, saw what we were saying (which was CLEARLY discussing that, if the person snuck up on us and scared us, they could get HURT IN SELF-DEFENSE), and knew Marian set us up. He didn't even search our car and told us where the call came from. He was a really nice guy. He agreed that if he hadn't tuned in, it could have ended very badly for us. To this day, I can't believe someone could be so evil as to try to get us badly hurt or killed live on stream. So many people tuned into that livestream and knew we didn't say anything wrong. They were shocked that we got swatted.
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    Happy New year everyone, I’ll tell you what 2020 feels like when it reaches the UK.
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    He has been helping us on some of the cases we have recently covered. He is a good guy and helps us a lot.
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    YouTube is horrible that treats creators even worse anymore. Taking 50% of Superchats, their ridiculous restrictions..... I especially like how they will demonetize a video, yet will still show ads The sad part is the majority of people have zero idea what creators are having to deal with, thus resulting in viewers getting upset at the creators.
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    Just curious as to what your favorite exploring apps are? Here are some of the ones I use: Gaia Maps - Awesome for mapping and can use it with sartopo.com (SAR). Once I get my phone back from Charlie i'll see what the others one are that I use often.
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    Sorry Christie, In most of Canada we call them GP - General Practitioner. We also spell Color - Colour & Checks are Cheques And we put vinegar on our French Fries.
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    I don’t post comments like that on any pictures of my friends kids lol , that is creepy ... he clearly is actively following these posts of young kids
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    You're coming over here to attempt to defend this creep? Not a good look! Doesn't ask for people to post pictures of their kids? You must be new to the internet. You don't have to blur a minor's photo, these are screenshots of publicly posted and available Facebook posts. It is used to inform the public that this 38 year old man displays (what most consider) disturbing behavior towards children and women. This is in clear interest of the public. E-mail from The G Team Paranormal Yeah, you're right, totally normal behavior, especially when taken into consideration with the fact The G Team Paranormal told us he was sending flirtatious messages to her underage granddaughter to the point she had to tell her to block him! Because that's totally normal and acceptable for a 38 year old man who posts stories on Reddit with harming children as a recurring theme! Yes, nothing AT ALL wrong here! Along with that perfectly fine behavior, I definitely see 38 year old men promoting underage girls' YouTube channels all the time while telling them how cute and funny they are and no one bats an eye because that's 100% normal! Not the classic signs of child grooming AT ALL! Little girl's mother's post 5 hours ago on Shape's Facebook page What you should be "concerned" with is this guy's track record. Of course, the little girl's mother won't care because she's thirsty AF and has a massive crush on this creeper. Apparently she's SO thirsty, she's willing to let a creepy man talk to her daughter in a way that would make most mothers get the heebie-jeebies. YUCK. Protect your child, bonehead!
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    I am more of a truck guy myself, but I would love to get a Dodge Challenger Demon. I know it's not a super luxury car, but I would be perfectly content with one! How about you?
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    Just reading this thread is making me hungry for food I can't have!
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    i have 6 cats and 2 dogs. the white cat with the eyebrows is a recent addition. a shelter posted his pictures and i freaked out about because he FRICKIN HAS EYEBROWS. i went to meet him and he jumped from the cage he was in to my shoulder and hugged me, so i HAD to take him home. it's a full house but i love it.
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    Well crud.... Thats soo sad for those people’s families
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    @EWU Bob could yall make a video about like personal safety - especially for dads and daughters - when going exploring? I want to keep my friends and family safe, i'd love to know what you guys do
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    EDC is my little Ruger LCP .380. My work gun is my Glock 31 357. This two stamp suppressed SBR is my current favorite. It’s a 4” barrel 9mm AR
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    Yeah, I hear the Mercedes made in Germany are pretty good but the ones made in the US are pretty poor quality. I am not sure how true that is though.
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    Just joined up. Dropping in to say Hi!!!
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    I love a good burger and fries, In N Out Burger was one of my favorites. When I went low carb I switched to the 4x4 protein style, but they always got dairy on it somehow. Their hamburger buns are some of the best, and five guys is pretty awesome too! I miss that food so much, it's so convenient, but we have found ways of making that stuff at home, but it's just not as convenient.
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    Can the interweb be anymore toxic - yes.
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    I didn't know that about Wonderhussy. I'm pretty disappointed in her for that, tbh.
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    Welcome to the EWU community, Hannah! Hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year as well!
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    When I was a kid, there were very distinct footsteps in our attic every night. I know the man who built the house supposedly loved it, but passed away 30 years later. One day, my grandfather started cursing and saying, “there’s no damn ghost in this house”. At that very instant, the electricity went out. Also, there were some guys painting the outside of our house and told us they heard activity inside the house while we were away.
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    You tell people your from Nevada and you get "I love vegas" i dispise vegas. Heres a couple of shots of MY Nevada QUIK_20181010_162347.mp4
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    I know what your saying I don’t watch much tv cause of the food commercials lol. I lost 75lbs in hospital but I’ve gained like 20 back so I’m eating less again
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    This would come in handy for the comment section of the EWU Instagram.
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    Love them all but I guess my Top 3 would be Dogs (Huskies), Horses & Bears.
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    Hello EWU crew. You all are awesome and keep up the good work! My name of course is Charlie Hess. Been in Tennessee pretty much since 84. Born in Baltimore, Raised as a child in Anaheim,CA . Have lived in Las Vegas, Puerto Rico and other parts of country. I have been to outskirts of Area 51 twice. Would like to go back again soon!
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    Happy new year and welcome everyone! EWU is amazing and real as they come for sure. The fact that i can spend quality time with(and have attention of) my 9y/o son is truly priceless. So i say thank you to EWU Bob and Family for that! You guys rock!
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    That's one thing I really enjoyed about exploring mines, the natural AC when it's 110 outside! You can't beat the weather in some of those mines when it's super hot out.
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