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    • Ghost Rider

      Silly-Fun-Time: The Hegelian dialectical formula: A (thesis) versus B (anti-thesis) equals C (synthesis).

      For example: If (A) my idea of freedom conflicts with (B) your idea of freedom then (C) neither of us can be free until everyone agrees to be a slave.
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    • ArcticThunder

      CoryxKenshin: The YouTube Star Who Disappeared.
      I had never heard of this young man. He has compassion written all over him. Good video. There's no doubt in my mind that he's taken time for himself.
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    • ArcticThunder

      Stay safe people. Wear masks, gloves, and goggles/glasses. Many are in the streets without any safety clothing. Nonsense!
      It's now more important to reach in deep and keep ourselves uplifted in these hard times. 
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    • spiritvox paranormal

      Production and filming of Spiritvox Paranormal  has been halted, which means there’s a chance our iconic explores could be off the screens in the near future.
      While it’s not known exactly how long this shutdown might last, we would like to thank you all for being here and supporting the guys at this sad time and we hope to see you all when this is over.
      Why has SPIRITVOX PARANORMAL been cancelled?
      Production of spiritvox has been stalled because of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.
      Shaun Simpson the owner of spiritvox Paranormal said in a statement: ‘In light of the spread of Covid-19, after much consideration, it has been decided that filming of our episodes will be postponed until further notice. The decision was made after the latest government update.
      I am currently working on the front line of this virus this is my last video I will post until this is all over I hope everyone stays safe our thoughts are with you all https://youtu.be/jBF5NtxRpvs
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    • EWU Rooney

      This is my life story 😬

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