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  4. Hello @Raaben, unfortunately due to those who don't respect our copyrighted content, we are forced to keep a fairly large logo on screen. I would love to not have a logo on the screen at all, but copyright thieves would love that and we would spend almost all our time sending out takedown notices.
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  6. Happy 1,000,000 Subs Explore With Us. Regards from Ody Slim
  7. Thanks for the feedback, but there is a very good reason we did not make a video on our reasons for changing the direction of the channel. We could not talk about this before because we needed to focus on the change and not set off a small vocal mob of "fans" who would leave negative comments, down votes, etc. The reason we did not make an announcement or video is that it would have caused a major backlash from a small vocal mob of angry "fans"( viewers), and we wanted to avoid any major backlash. We wanted a nice and peaceful transition where we could focus on the new content, and not h
  8. I completely understand why you and your family decided to change your content, there really is a lot of trolls on YouTube that can make your life miserable!! I have a small YouTube channel myself, different content, and I've had to deal with idiot trolls too and it can be extremely annoying!! I just found this forum, didn't know you had it until recently so I have been asking on your YouTube channel why you had left. I just feel it would have been nice for your true fans if you had made a video, even if it was a 30 second video saying goodbye and that you have decided to change your content a
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  10. Re3cently I had asked if anyone has been to a mine I was interested in. I just figured it out. It is the Corona Mine. Here is a link to it.
  11. Thank you benskev.
  12. conglaturations!!!!!
  13. thanks for letting us now theres alot of crazy people out there making rumors about you guys they just found new content anyway could you unprivate the nicolas sonderegger livestreams you guys did that were linked under the first nic video?
  14. The unsolved yogurt shop murders in Texas would be a story I would like to see covered
  15. Congratulations, still loving the channel. May your success continue
  16. Wow! Fantastic news! I remember when it seemed a far away goal and here you are! My best to the entire family as always...hope you celebrated!
  17. Thank you Bob! Things are better now than they were. Hope you all are well too!
  18. Thank you so much Gale! Yes, Momma EWU had a healthy baby boy. Happy Holidays and you stay safe too.
  19. hey guys I miss yall alot but I do love the new content ..I've seen every episode.. wat I'm wondering and so sad about is did momma have the baby? We get no details? I'm so sad...I wish yall nothing but the best and keep on doing wat is best ...❣❣ Happy holidays and stay safe please....
  20. EWU family. I still love your content but I will be lying if I say that I will not miss you all. I have been a paranormal investigator for the past 40 years, but for the past 3 I was extremely sick, actually dying. Your explorations allowed me to keep my mind from my health problems and were a healthy distraction that kept me same. I actually felt I was there with you guys and for that I will be forever thankful. Luckily for me, a recent operation to remove one of my adrenal glands have saved my life, despite of living me with weakened kidneys. In any case, I don’t think I would have made it w
  21. I don't believe the police identified or interviewed that guy, but you bring up an interesting point! I noticed that as well and found it very interesting.
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