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  3. Daniela Poggiali would be a great story. Nothing mentioned about her on any channels
  4. i've recently heard about this case commonly known as "44 days in hell" and i really want the EWU crew to make a documentary on this, I'm just not satisfied by trying to watch other yt channels tryna explain this because I'm more used to trusting EWU, and i just wanna know what happened too because I'm damn curious <3
  5. Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you all know about something that happened over the weekend in my hometown. I think it could develop into an interesting case. This guy i went to high school with was arrested and charged for murdering his father on Saturday. I'll link the police statement at the end as well as a video from the news, although it's basically the same as the police statement. The guys name is Schuyler Lake, his dad was Dean Lake. I never talked to Schuyler, but he never seemed dangerous, just weird. He was an art kid, really talented. I guess he's been going through some difficult times since graduation. Theres several photos of him in the police statements - one from high school, one that's more recent, and his mugshot. He looks more and more sad and empty in each image. It's so disturbing. Obviously since this is all still developing, there's no way EWU could make a video on it anytime soon, but I think it'll be an interesting case to follow. Links: https://www.leesburgva.gov/Home/Components/News/News/9673/5957 https://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/21-year-old-charged-killing-father-leesburg-dean-lake-schuyler-lake/3039832/
  6. I would like to suggest you do a video on Patrolman John Martin, a seventeen-year veteran of the Lee County, Virginia Sheriff's Department. This case actually aired on Unsolved Mysteries. https://unsolvedmysteries.fandom.com/wiki/John_Martin
  7. Ok. So I clicked on one of your videos. You had it set up like it was solved. Then the through the video you made comments like it wasn't. Then you said no one could figure it out.....UNTIL THEY DID. Boy it was a roller coaster. I normally turn some back round noise on while I clean but I got too invested. Not only that but the way you told it just had me going through my feelings. At the end you said sharing a picture solved the case and maybe we could be the ones that crack a case one day and I was just cheering you on through my phone. To make a long story longer, I loved your video. It for sure wasn't just a background video. It was way too good for that. But now I have to go check out some more.
  8. I was wondering if you could do a story on blake maloney he killed his family on October 27th his little brother was my best friend. He ended up shoting his bother and dad and killed his mom it would really help to se the Interrogation and body cam footage
  9. 3 decomposing bodies found at Irvine home believed to be possible murder-suicide - CBS Los Angeles (cbsnews.com) That family... I worked with the father for a decade. I'd love to see EWU dive into this. And being first out of the gate with accurate info should help... I know the background and his state of mind in the years leading up to this (I'm not posting names publicly, though there are people on YT and Reddit who have gathered that much based on the address), but not the actual events that ended up with the entire family dead. (Where's the dog?! No mention anywhere of the dog!) The current internet "sleuths" have quite a bit wrong, which is understandable since the police have been only releasing the most dramatic information and the family was quite private. Sigh. And during my interviews with the Irvine PD, I've asked for more details, but been rebuffed. Perhaps someone with a "media" tag can get some answers? The question that haunts me: Was the family awake and aware of what was happening? Or did he kill them in their sleep? Based on what they're saying publicly, it SOUNDS like they were fighting and it got out of control. Anyway, if you choose to do this one, contact me directly and I'll give you what answers I have, including the likely reasons why nobody looked for them for over a year.
  10. Hello, I want to share a video suggestion with you, which is very disturbing. Its about Helmut Kentler, a german psychologist, who systematically placed neglected youth as foster children in the homes of single pedophile fathers for the purpose of resocializing them, while explicitly encouraging them to have sexual contact with their children, with the authorization and financial support of the Berlin Senate. It is still a very unknown issue, even in Germany. Nobody really wants to talk about it and i hope you can shine a light on this very dark topic and maybe help some people to get justice. I'm not really sure, if the topic is okay for youtube, but I will link some informations down below. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helmut_Kentler https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2021/07/26/the-german-experiment-that-placed-foster-children-with-pedophiles the youtuber "CreepyPastaPunch" did it already, but in german: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKtQlfQTjcg There a more articles in german, which are also linked in wikipedia. My english is unfortunately not good enough to translate everything accurately. I am really hoping to see a video about it from you, so more people become aware about it and maybe we all can prevent such disgusting things from ever happening again. thank you.
  11. Since the accounts were hacked, do we happen to know his emails that were tied to those accounts? Makes online hunting a bit "easier" to find more information since emails can be put into various places to locate other activity online.
  12. This is just a guess. It appears they are doing longer, more indepth videos, less often. They are more than likely doing just as much work if not a little more this way. It takes a lot of time to research all that info and find pictures and videos to include. --Rich
  13. Bellefontaine, Ohio, 1979, Mr. Arthur Smith was brutally murdered and his body was dumped in rural Logan county. Officials, instead of using their resources and manpower to solve the crime they used their power and taxpayers money to purchase fabricated and exaggerated perjured testimony from several career criminals, a jailhouse informant, and his equally guilty wife. In exchange for fabricated testimony, the prosecutor gave complete immunity to 11 individuals. The individuals admitted to armed robbery, murder shooting two other people, felonious assault and many other violent crimes. They took a sweetheart of a deal to save their own skin and buried another. o George Skatzes did not kill Arthur Smith. I have proof of this; I have the polygraphs, the results, prosecutors handwritten notes, it says it all. Who did it, how it was done, and why. It's all tied to a corrupt town Bellefontaine, Ohio. This includes Logan County, Bellefontaine police and the residence of Bellefontaine that sat on the jury. Perjury bought testimony, prostitution, guns, drugs, all in the outrageous case. The privileges provided to the actual guilty can all be proved, we have it. This all needs to be exposed! Save this man's life. He's 75 yr old, solitary confinement 30+years on death row for crimes he did not commit.
  14. Hello there. While ago when I had stomach to follow horrible crimes that people do to each other, I stumbled upon one very disturbing murder case, which is murder case of Junko Furuta. It's a teenage girl, who was abducted, raped, tortured and killed after 40 days. Trust me, that's the worst case you will ever present to people on your channel. I hope you will get it covered so that I can one more time, look upon it.
  15. I too noticed some things after I watched it too, I am unaware if you have this information. Jessica Curtis didn't loose one child, but two. First son Cayden Chad Eaton in 2010. In his obituary - another uncle is mentioned besides Tyler, named Jeremy. In 2010 Tyler, Jessica and Cassandra's mother is listed with their "stepfather" as "William and Stephanie Domiquez" in the obituary and not Brian. This doesn't seem to fit with the narrative of Brian Stice being the father of Tyler born 1996 that his mother should have stayed with his father during the events of him being jailed. Same goes for second sons death Parker Eaton in 2013. In his obituary it in states that grandparent couple is by name "Stephanie Stice and Bill Dominguez" At first I thought okay, well if that's the case maybe they divorced and re-wed after he came out of jail? It appears not so.. At Jessica Lynn Curtis's obituary from 2018 it also states she is the daughter of "he daughter of Stephanie Stice and step-daughter of William Dominguez" and furthermore "biological father Charles Kelley, adoptive father Bert Curtis". No where is Brian mentioned. I thought well maybe Brian IS William Dominguez" then.. Maybe, perhaps. Until I pulled up Robert Brian Stice's record. According to Authorities he should be 59 in 2021 but in there it shows him related to a Mr. William P Dominguez aged 56 as of 2021 as a business associate and there's just too much not adding up to be ignored. A timeline would look something like this. 1986 - Jessica Lynn Curtis is born to Stephanie and Charles Kelley (adopted by Bert Curtis) Somewhere between here the mother would have to meet Brian Stice in order to have 16yrs of jail fit not counting the other 2yrs sentence for the "friend" prior. I did find one case as Bryan Stice vs. State in 1987 under Casper Wyoming, that -could- fit him based on the charges, but since it's not same name completely, I left it out. 1991 - Brian Stice jailed 1996 - Tyler Stice born to Stephanie and Brian Stice (while still incarcerated?) 2007 - Brian Stice released from jail? Somewhere between here the mother would have wed William Dominguez 2010 - William Dominguez is stepfather at the Cayden obituary Stephanie has last name Dominguez. 2013 - William Dominguez is still stepfather at the Parker obituary by Stephanie is now named with last name Stice? 2016 - Tyler goes missing, seen talking to his father Brian Stice who lived with them? 2018 - William Dominguez is still stepfather at Jessica's obituary? If things add up to being the correct timeline of events, I wanna say .. It sounds pretty traumatising to live in and be raised around. What a mess. But I am left with far more questions than answers, that is for sure. I know it isn't directly relevant to the finding of Tyler, but it certainly raise even more questions to the building relationships mentioned to you by Jessica in the previous video. Perhaps it could be an idea to reach out the the other older brother and other stepfather. All this information is found publicly on the internet.
  16. Hi Heather, let us know how all of the EWU crew might be able to help.
  17. I'm not connected to this case nor do I know anyone involved. Yet, I am invested because it happened within my community. The southwestern part of Virginia is very rural. For this reason murder is extremely uncommon. Yet, when it happens the community wants resolution. This case happened in the small town of Appalachia VA (Appa-latch-uh), on November 27, 2016. Janina Jefferson 38, single mom was heading to one of her multiple jobs when it's believe the suspect her ex-husband, Eric Jones, allegedly shot her to death. The problem Eric has disappeared. Family and friends would be willing to talk to you and I can send you links to help you get started.
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  23. Hello everyone! I just wanted to say hi to my friends that were here when this site first started and hello to everyone that joined afterwards!! 

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    Hi all, first time posting here. I really enjoyed your videos and just wanted to say "Thank you" for all the time and effort that went into producing them. Hopefully they will continue at some point and a reply here would be welcome if that happens. Until then, best of life and luck to you.
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    Thank you for the suggestion, we really appreciate it when we get suggestions for cases.
  26. Thank you for the information, unfortunately most of his old accounts have now been hacked into.
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