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  2. Although it was nice seeing you all explore as a family, the first videos of EWU I watched didn't show either of you and only Bob spoke, so it's nice that you've returned to your roots. I always enjoyed watching the solving/exploring disappearances the most and to me it doesn't matter the voice of the person narrating the video, what's important is that information about people who are missing is put out there to help and even remind some families that people are still looking alongside them. I will always support the EWU Crew in whatever format you guys feel best. Keep Exploring, gu
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  5. EWU Bob


    Hello Rick, Thanks for the comment, we are so happy to hear you enjoyed the old content, but we have decided to change the direction of our channel and will no longer be making those types of videos.
  6. Rick


    For one I think its awesome,you all are doing this as a family,Im from Southeast its all about family here.And are you going to be doing more Ghost videos I love them.Im all about God for one,and I know falling Angel are here or demons as most people call them,for sure,but not sure about ghost,I think their just the falling ones,not ghost.But people like your family doing this,lets me know,the things Im searching for.
  7. EWU Bob

    Site Rules

    Hey Ody, No, we archived all the old forum posts and deleted the clubs. We weren't going to reopen the forum, but so many people were emailing us about our content change that we had to address all the comments and conspiracies. Yes, you can make new threads on non-related content, but I am not sure if we will be keeping this version up as well as we are going to move towards a more brand oriented website. We are still working out all the details of what we will eventually do with the website.
  8. Ody Slim

    Site Rules

    Hi Bob, I did not see the clubs. Is the explore club still up? Just wondering. Oh, are postings of non related activities allowed?
  9. January, February, Quarantine, December 👀

  10. Yeah, that thread was archived too and I probably deleted it from the thread as I am just trying to keep the thread on topic. Yes, I did finish three of the builds so far and they functioned perfectly so far.
  11. I am not sure what content you're trying to view, but we have archived the majority of the old content and are deleting comments in this thread that are not relevant to the topic.
  12. I miss the Exploring Content. Unlike some other explore channels, I actually felt like I was a part of a family who were exploring and that was cool. However, your more recent content is equally as good, but in a different way, which I also enjoy. Your editing skills and production values are better than some professional channels. Your scripts are also very good and well written. Before I ventured into the world of research I was a journalist for 31 years so appreciate well-crafted work.
  13. EWU Emma


    Thank you so much, @its_b_ya_digg! Here's the link to our merch! https://teespring.com/stores/explore-with-us
  14. its_b_ya_digg


    Hey wuts goin on. i was wondering what happened to u guys havent seen an exploring video in a while. good on u guys for moving in another direction. anywho just wanted to know where i can get some merch from? is there a store u guys have?
  15. Welcome to the community @Winnie

  16. Welcome Winnie, and thank you so much for the comment and questions. We haven't really kept in contact with any FLDS due to Covid pretty much limiting travel.
  17. Hi- I found your channel because I’ve always been interested in various religions, specifically FLDS. I’ve only seen those videos, so I have no opinion on the old vs new content thing that seems to be of concern, but I enjoyed what I saw, so I subscribed and look forward to watching new stuff (and likely checking out some of the old) I am not really a big forums poster, but I wasn’t sure the best way to reach out (I’m a millennial who is bad at social media). I hope it’s ok to ask a question about the Colorado City series and the women you befriended. Have you kept in touch? How hav
  18. Thank you very much for your concern, Bill, we really appreciate it!
  19. Have any missing persons cases you'd like to see us cover next? Post your suggestions here!
  20. Thank you Parminder, we are doing great, and I hope you're doing good too.
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