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  3. billh777

    Site Rules

    Hi all, first time posting here. I really enjoyed your videos and just wanted to say "Thank you" for all the time and effort that went into producing them. Hopefully they will continue at some point and a reply here would be welcome if that happens. Until then, best of life and luck to you.
  4. EWU Bob

    story idea

    Thank you for the suggestion, we really appreciate it when we get suggestions for cases.
  5. Thank you for the information, unfortunately most of his old accounts have now been hacked into.
  6. and on thissite she have a picture of a truck could had used to meet him on main road?? https://www.deviantart.com/kirazatora/art/Painting-the-Tacoma-457764090
  7. danteasuka

    story idea

    hello! ive been following EWU for a good while, and i have a suggestion for a case that would be interesting to cover. the case is that of Junko Furuta, a japanese schoolgirl. It has also been called "44 days in hell" there is a lot of sensitive content in this case, but i would love to hear more about it as i really like the EWU guy's voice and i find him easy to understand !! love you guys! <3
  8. EWU Bob

    Story Idea

    Thank you, I will take a look!
  9. Nevyn

    Story Idea

    Hey guys, i love your videos and I have a family member who was involved in something that would make an interesting video for your channel. If you search for Daniel Holdem in Australia you will see news reports of his crimes.
  10. Any updates on this case?
  11. Thank you for the suggestion, we are going to look into this one and see if we can cover it.
  12. Thank you for letting us know, we will see if we can fix that.
  13. Hi Heather, I am so sorry to hear about your father, can you tell me more about what happened?
  14. Sorry for the late reply, we were busy with our latest video, but rest assured, we are working on more now.
  15. Hello! Loving the latest video but I'd like to point out that the closed captions slip starting from the segment at 11:40 and remain desynchronised for the rest of the video. Don't know how hard that'll be to fix https://youtu.be/4GL8gk3b2L8?t=700
  16. I have not heard anything new from one of my favorite YouTube channels. What's the hold up? Only wondering
  17. Someone help me please I am not going to quit
  18. This happened September 1990 I was 10 And I have been trying for the last 20 yrs
  19. Bullet wound to head ....cause unknown
  20. Find my father's killer
  21. How do I send a picture
  22. I don't know how to show you I need help
  23. Aiyana Gauvin was a 4 yr old girl abused and murdered by her stepmother in Lafayette Indiana, about 20 miles south west of Delphi. The girls father allowed this to happen. I drive by the house anytime I leave or come home as there is only one way in or out of the subdivision. Can't think of anyone who could do this story more justice than EWU.
  24. tyvee32

    Sending Love!

    Couldn't ask*
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