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  2. Thank you so much for allowing Deorr's story to be shared. I consider myself a non family supporting Advocate for Baby Deorr and plan to see this case thru till the end. I have created a website for all of his case facts with, a bio of his story, timelines, news coverages, videos/documentaries, pics, facts and more. Nothing on this site is theories, instead...it is all just plain facts, which indeed focusus on his parents as suspects as there really isnt any other way of seeing things. 9 failed polys total between mom and dad, a failed poly on the grandmother etc. The grandfather and his friend are being pointed at by the parents...but to be honest, I believe the friend was planned to be the scape goat. It is my firm belief that it was a covered up accident and the camping trip in the forest was a way to use the, he disappeared thing. Please visit his site to learn more or even message me for more. Justiceforbabydeorr.com ❤
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  5. Hey guys! First, my daughter and i, are huge fans! Weve watched your content from the start! Love your content. New and old. While watching your vids, i couldnt help thinking of a pretty horrific kidnapping, murder, and small town controversy that happened in my home town. The kidnapping and murder of 17 yr old Steve Berry in 2000, in the town of Glendive, MT. Unfortunately, things up this way, dont get the attention they deserve. Its thought that this end of the state is apparently only occupied by cows and sheep. Nothing interesting ever happens here....This case begs to differ. This young man was kidnapped, not only once, but twice. The second kidnapping resulting in the torture and his subsequent death. First reported as missing, a search was conducted for Steve, and eventually the murder investigation. There were several teens and young adults involved. Alot of them being let off with slaps on the wrist. The story of the crime itself, is unreal and horrid. But some prominent last names involved among the offending group, politics, controversy, and conspiracy, gave many a sense that justice was not served. Something that bothers quite a few folks. Something that bothers many of us that lived there and know or have run into alot of the people involved, too, is that after the charges, and then trial were laid out and done, nothing more was ever really heard. Many people were left thinking..."huh?" There was even an occassion when one of the main perps in the case, was later hailed as a hero, for a supposed act of selflessness and bravery, a few years later, as told by a front page article in the local paper. Again...Prominent last names. I have never heard of anyone, covering this case. There have been a couple murders around here, that have made their ways onto true crime shows. None of which, have half as many odd or seemingly coincidental occurrences as this. This is never talked about. Its been virtually forgotten....By some. By most. I believe you could give it some of the attention it deserves. Nodoby even says.."Hey, remember that kid that was kidnapped twice, tortured, beaten, lit on fire, and shot by that group of spoiled kids over a "supposed" small amount of drugs and baseball cards?" Yeah... Because hardly anyone does. Id looove to see you cover it in one of your episodes. Put a voice to a case and a young man that were just tucked away, to keep up a good image. Even if its just other readers who decide to look it up from reading this...Its more attention tgan it was ever really given. Thanks EWU Crew, for being you, with all you do! Look forward to seeing more from yall!
  6. I have a video & recording that was recorded in my girlfriend's basement. I watch your show on Youtube and I know you don't believe in ghost and I have evidence. I would love to send it to you so you can analyze it. I've personally seen and had many experiences with ghost or whatever you want to call it. I hope to hear from you.
  7. I’m sure this gets asked a lot, but — I live out in Wonder Valley, and while I’ve explored a lot of your locations on my own before ever even seeing your channel, I still would love to find my way to some of the ones I haven’t been to. While I understand the reasons for not revealing them, I saw you mention that they used to be shared with patreon subscribers, but your patreon seems to be gone. My point is — as a non-vandal without enough spare time to comb Google earth and onxhunt anymore, I’d pay $100 just for a list of the coordinates you guys visited.
  8. I can't believe how I could've missed this as I watch every single video of you guys. I was wondering what had happened, and what had happened to your voices and I was genuinely worried and decided to check last video with you in it and that was a great idea. I guess it's because I was mostly just watching and didn't get involved in much conversation as I tend to be introverted and anxious. Such a relief that you guys are ok though. I love your new content and tbh I love true crime videos just as much as exploring ones (not just of you, it's just in general something I'm interested in). I must admit, the quality of the content you're putting on your channel now is just exquisite. Sometimes your videos are even more insightful than documentaries I've watched on the tv. And I love that you're doing updates when you find out about new clues. Keep up the good work.
  9. https://sbcsentinel.com/2021/02/panic-in-wonder-valley/?fbclid=IwAR2aGm8QNF4f4GN8K2ndDqzEE1Wkw-Yo-lQDHAWuhYkr-dDXZZ1PtH1V37U
  10. Forgive me for posting before researching the site for previously submitted information on the area, but I just wanted to make sure that the Joshua Tree National Park is on the EWU Crew map. We have someone disappear out here a few times a year and it seems to be increasingly frequent. The latest is Lauren Cho. Went missing June 28th without a trace.
  11. Name is Sarah(don't know last name) from Ohio, last seen in some hotel. Tweeted by twitch streamer MikeyPerk: Link to his twitch stream where he talks about her: https://www.twitch.tv/mikeyperk/v/1069612775?sr=a&t=1605s
  12. Oh my God! I can not believe that last reason!? That is awful! Old or New I enjoy them both! I found you through the new platform and discovered the old later on! While your family is adorable and I loved tagging along with you I completely understand why it made the dramatic change and bravo to you for a GREAT pivot! Keep up the great work! I just wanted to make sure it was still you guys behind the scenes on the new format before I became a patriot and I am satisfied! Love the content, the editing is fabulous, the narrators so outta site with just the perfect amount of creep value! Can't wait to watch more but know we all love you so keep in touch with updates every once in awhile... something I've been dying to tell Bob is I LOVE your repor with your girls! Its apparent they idolize you and love and respect you and that is clearly a reflection of a great dad! And you don't look old enough to have an Emma LOL... I thought yall were siblings at first LOL.... love the channel! Take good care and best of luck. Christine
  13. I bet a lot of people are asking but I was wondering what is this? I saw that EWU was live and hoped for an old style exploring video. The whole this is just confusing. Could you help clear up what the live stream was about?
  14. Hey guys! Just wanted to say I LOVE the new content! No offense but I like it more then the old, also I love the whoever is narrating, her voice keeps me entranced Everytime. Keep up the good work and keep the mysteries coming! Love you guys old and new!
  15. Kathy


    Bob and fam - not sure if you're heading out this way anytime soon for EWU content. Currently starting to trend on TikTok - But, it's weird - surrounded by old tanks too: Zoom 35.88981894792845, -117.67121077798674
  16. Has anyone contacted you about this yet?
  17. Bennie

    Hi guys

    I love your channel either way. I was afraid you were going to get hurt sometimes. The suspense was probably why some are not liking your new direction. I have to admit I seen some of those comments. I couldn't believe people were bold enough to write things like that in public comments. I don't blame you for thinking about your families safety first. I do hope from time to time you might do a live broadcast. Dad and daughter commenting on videos and drama in general. You guys remind me of myself and my youngest step daughter. We have a good time commenting on people's stupidity and cracking jokes. She will be 29 next month. I miss those days. However people change and life marches forward. No job, business or amount of money is worth your family putting up with any form of harassment. Praying for you all to continue to prosper and be safe and happy. Bennie Chadwick a big fan
  18. Case of Matt dean gone missing been trying to get an email of someone to contact for the family to get ahold of
  19. Alicia McCann disappeared hiking at Multnomah falls. She was my sister's friend
  20. I just noticed all other channels are gone. The EWU Crew, and all the foreign language channels. Are you guys not coming back now ? What happened? I am old school and live the area 51 video's.
  21. in the episode The Odor Was Bad, But What we Found Inside Was Even Worse... uploaded sep 15 2018 timestamp 8:28 to 8:30 while saying "it wouldn't be so odd if" A GHOST ANIMAL APEARS RUNNING 2 FEET THEN DISAPPEARING AGAIN IN THE CENTER LEFT OF THE SCREEN. IT IS SMALL AND BOB KEEPS SAYING HE HEARS AN ANIMAL RUNNING AT YALL. BY THE WAY YOU WONT SEE IT ON A PHONE SCREEN PLS WATCH IT CLOSELY RINGHT WHEN Bob says "IF"
  22. Thanks for the suggestion, do you have any more details on the case?
  23. Correction. I stated that the sheriff's son was implicated. It was a former sheriff's son who was implicated.
  24. Could you dig into this story? 1998 Lake Charles, La. A man was convicted but the mystery has always been, did he act alone? The consensus is that he could not have. The sheriff's son was implicated in the murders. KKs corner is a convenience store that is still here today where 3 teens were killed execution style in a cooler.
  25. You can definitely post it here, and I am sorry to hear about your friend. What a strange disappearance. Are there any theories as to what happened?
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