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  3. this is so true. pew news should report on the awesomeness of ewucrew
  4. EWU Bob

    Shah Harbor

    Thank you for the suggestion, it sounds very interesting. I am going to research it now.
  5. Scrum777

    Shah Harbor

    It is supposed to say Shah Harbor..I don't know why my spell check did that. It will not let me edit or delete.
  6. Scrum777

    Shah Harbor

    Shah Harbor Nova Scotia is a very interesting UFO crash. EWU Crew should investigate it. I realize you can't go there until the borders open up and it is a long road trip from where you are located but it would be interesting.
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  8. Totally agree! The channel is so vast and so much variety to watch! I do miss there explorations but everything they drop is a banger! They deserve at least 10 million subs! Create presenters and they have so much character and personality. I wish them nothing but success and fortune! EWU CREEEEEEW. Love from
  9. Another article I came across about the famous paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren! Films have been based off of their ghostly experiences and have made a load of money from it. But they have been exposed on servals occasions as being fake or misleading. But yet so many people still believe that they are telling the truth. But I’m not convinced! Personally I’m a massive fan and supporter of the paranormal industry to some extent anyway! My views have changed on what a ‘spirit’ really is. But I digress, link is attached to this post. Love to hear your thoughts on the matter! EWU CR
  10. Come across an article about unexplained event in history that have yet to be explained or solved. The link the the article is attached. hope you guys find it interesting and hope everyone is doing great! ✌https://www.boredpanda.com/mysterious-unexplained-stories-history/
  11. My husband and I just found your channel and have been binging your videos the last few days. When we started watching your older videos, we were a little confused, however they were all very enjoyable. Thank you so much for the entertaining and informative content. We're looking forward to many more. Good luck and best wishes to your family
  12. There is Steven Newberry from Carl Junction, Missouri. Because of this case, those of us who are into punk and metal, got looked upon as satanists for the longest time. I can find links to the story, but it's long and I hate typing. Also the murder of Garry Kiecker of Joplin, Missouri. Unsolved, and I truly believe that my dad might have been involved. That was in 1986 and there are things I remember from the days and day of that scream involvement. But I'll come back with links to Steven Newberry. I've searched all over about Garry but my skills in discovery are limited, mainly due to my ment
  13. I truly believe EWU is YouTube's best channel. I can't stop watching. I like the exploring videos, especially the burning man, but the true crime mystery videos are the greatest. The narration, editing, research everything comes together to make top tier entertainment. Well, back to YouTube for more explore with us!
  14. I love the new content, I love doccies, mysteries. Since you guys changed your content please don't remove the old videos because my son and I love watching them. Big up to you you guys, much love from us here in South Africa
  15. EWU Bob


    Yeah, the spell checking can be super annoying! I hate it when I keep trying to type in the correct word that it doesn't understand and it keeps correcting it over and over!
  16. EWU Bob


    For some reason I don't get notifications of new posts on the forums, so I gotta look into the settings.
  17. YouTube has a lot of bugs unfortunately, and they always seem to cause the most trouble for creators and their subs.
  18. Thanks Becky, I agree, I hope she gets closure.
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