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  3. wow that place is awesome thank you for the pictures
  4. That is a neat place for sure. Drove by it at night when I went to Glen Rose to see the dinosaur tracks a few weeks back. It certainly has that spooky vibe to it. Lots of history there. I think those ghost hunter dudes with Zak (the d bag) Bagans did a show there. Thanks for the pics, they came out great!
  5. All kinds, from hard rock, some heavy metal to orchestral and everything in between. Lol. Grew up loving Pink Floyd, and then the 80's came. But, I do have some favorites: Seether, Shinedown, Ozzy, Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Foo Fighters, Fleetwood Mac...I can go on and on, lol Been playing the heck out of this song lately - always like Peter Gabriel too, but man, this hits hard:
  6. Yesterday
  7. I learned of HuntStand not too long ago. Has the option of seeing if properties are private or not. I still am using the free inquiries on properties...it's like a free trial. I've been using Google Maps for GPS, I know, not the best and certainly not the most reliable. If I don't have bars, usually happens in mountains (really, they're baby mountains compared to what you peeps have out west, lol) but if a signal is weak...forget about it. I had a ghost town fail because of my lack in proper GPS equipment and struggled with a specific ruin find because signals kept being dropped.
  8. Not sure what she was digging in the back yard but guess who isn't going to the dog park today.
  9. OK what can I use on a phone to view a satellite image map offline, view a custom KML or KMZ file over it, and my location? What do I need to be able to do that?
  10. I used to listen to heavy metal when I was a child, now it makes me angry. Started listening to rap when I was a teenager, now it makes me depressed. I had a collection of 40000-50000 songs on Spotify. As I got older my taste changed and I started listening to reggae. Then I lost interest in 2014 and since then I've only been listening to peaceful and relaxing music, especially love songs and coffeehouse music. The Ink Spots is one of my favorites.
  11. Finally found a photo of my 10 year old Rabbit Lucky. Taken just a few days before he passed away. Hard to let something go you basically grew up with. All these years and I still miss him like all my critters
  12. It's out there now but the rain just won't let up. Rumors you hear about our rain in the Pacific "Northwet" are not rumors. It's Rained all week so not sure many critters will be out until we get a dry spell.
  13. Next Road Trip You guys should do a Bohemian Rhapsody Parody video .
  14. Noooo. I don't wan to look Mike Myers. I'll take the Overalls
  15. They see that it gets a rise/response from you so they'll try anything to get noticed. I think the only thing he's ever hit is his head
  16. I took a look. Definitely haunted. Plus you can get Hangtown french fries!
  17. I can play the radio like you wouldn't believe.
  18. You're a d!@#, hope you're offended Who raised these adult children???
  19. Right? Just like when someone starts a conversation with " I'm not racist or anything, buuut"..... Chubby?? Pffft. Not even close.
  20. Count your blessings as road tripping while listing to crap will ruin a trip. Back in the 90's I dated a gal who insisted on listing to her crappy ass " Boyz II Men" and "New kids on the block" on the way back to Sacramento from LA I decided I needed a new girlfriend!
  21. Here's another great one. Isn't it lovely how whenever someone says extremely rude, they add "no offense" after?
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