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  3. We have been to a place that looks just like that but it has since been knocked down! Nice work!
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  5. Spanish translations coming soon on second en Español channel! 

  6. I smell another conspiracy. Who is @Sarah Hreha? Is she related to EWU Rooney? LOL! I better stop before rumours start.
  7. This case needs to be reviewed. This wouldn't be the first time that the Police in this area imprisoned a wrong person only to be release years later. That's another fact!
  8. It's our duty to spot the difference of Myths & Facts DAVID GEORGE MORRIS Was convicted on a Myth And not on a Fact Because they only had a Myth to go on and not Facts. Actually the Facts would undoubtedly prove the Three police officers Stuart Lewis Stephen Lewis Allison Lewis All had means, motive, and opportunities to carry out this Horrendous and Brutal Crime. Unfortunately for the public we were not shown the real FACTS. These facts have only come to light, through the hard work of the Author John Morris and his eye opening Book. We all know about the gold chain found at the scene which is a fact. So what about the the wrist watch placed on Mandys corpse Fact. What about the engagement ring found on Doris's burnt abdomen Fact What about the empty engagement rings box found Fact What about the empty video case to which the tape was found at Alisons house. Fact What about items with DNA on many artifacts Fact Alisons car spotted out side Mandys house 11.30pm on the night in question Fact What about red Peugeot spotted in street 1.20am Fact What about inspector Lewis's car Log for the night gone missing. Fact What about inspector Lewis's whereabouts not known. Fact What about the inspector Lewis's actions at the scene of crime didn't stay to preserve scene left after 10mins Fact What about inspector Lewis's phone call in the foyer of Morriston police station pumping money into a public pay phone when he could have used anyone of the stations police phones Fact What about inspector Lewis's action taken at the police station which was none didn't even discuss or log in information just casual finished shift and went home. Fact And what about the sightings of Alison Lewis in kelvin road on the morning of the murders at about 6,20am witnesses state she was there that early. Fact Stephen Lewis visited Mandys house and threatened her with her life in front of her children. FACT One last thing to mention Stephen Lewis went to work 5,30am Alison Lewis spotted by several witnesses at kelvin Rd at approx 6,20am So who was looking after their babies??? FACT.
  9. I’ve heard of Mickey Rooney from my parents because my nickname as a child was Rooney!
  10. @the man hi, you need to tag ewu Bob when you have links. He has many comments to go through so tagging him when you have a link or picture has a better chance for Bob to see it. Like your pic! What can you tell me about the location of pix. It looks familiar.
  11. I am always happy to help because if it helps my Favorite community
  12. Yep here it is bob I have the link https://www.cbc.ca/shortdocs/m/blog/reddit-websleuths
  13. I would like to add the David 'Dai' Morris case from UK as a potential project/video for EWU. I have been going through info from different sources. I think there something so wrong here.
  14. This is why I’m trying to get it out for more to hear about. It’s pretty obvious who the real killer/s are. And they’ve put an innocent man away because he had a past record. He’s been rejected new trials a few times. Things just don’t add up, I’m hoping more people get to know about it and hopefully others like celebrities will want to help out. I was thinking of contacting Kim kardashian as she helps with cases like this but there’s no way of contacting her at all. .. just hoping more people will join the Facebook site and help him get justice and put the real killers away.. if you watch videos of a woman called Nicole she reported seeing a man on the night as she was driving past, but that was never brought up in tv interviews. Or the e-fit. She even did a line up with Stephen Morris (police officer married to Alyson) and picked him out, with dai Morris in the same line... there’s just too much not right in this case at all
  15. There's no significant evidence against Dai Morris except for his neck chain. There's more substantial evidence that others could have committed the crime. Lines of evidence suggesting a premeditated crime took place while Dai was plastered and would not have been able to work out a cohessive plan. And you had other potential suspects who lied about their whereabouts. They need to look into this case again without biases. Also the author who believes that Dai is innocent was a solicitor in Swansea (John Morris). He has a little more experience then your average Joe.
  16. I think Dai Morris is innocent , he has no purpose or plot to murder the family. This murderer could be the police knew or possibly one of them to protect their reputation, similar to the ones from Rotherham, Rochdale and many other place the police has corruptions.
  17. Hi yes it happened back in 1999 in Wales. Not many people know about it, trying to get more people to become aware. There’s a Facebook page if you would like to join. It’s “free dai Morris”.
  18. Is this murder happened in UK Wales ? if yes then I wasn't aware of that until you did .
  19. Under 2 min Video I won't spoil it for you. Watch to the end. National Geographic Scientists' Hilarious Reaction to Bizarre Deep-Sea Fish National Geographic.mp4
  20. I simply can't stop laughing. WARNING The NARRATOR USES OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE
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