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  2. I live across the river from Multnomah Falls, that gorge is short drive east of Multnomah Falls. It doesn't look like the photos, there are lots and lots of trees in it. Still a must see, if in the area. After this pandemic is over, no idea if open or closed to public.
  3. I love green. If I could, I would turned my apartment into a greenhouse. I do have plenty of plants but I need more.
  4. I have always wanted to visit the Pacific North West like Oregon, Washington and Vancouver island. I love places that have trees, green moss and water, etc. I would love to take a hike there.
  5. Cincinnati's Abandoned Subway, Ohio Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia/Jonathan Warren Excerpt from attractions of America A visit to Cincinnati will show you the largest of the country's abandoned subway tunnel. In reality, the construction of this tunnel simply stopped during the late 1920s when less than half of the line was done, leaving seven miles tunneled, graded, or bridged, but without tracks. Eventually the majority of the above ground portion was bulldozed to make room for highways, but the tunnels remain. Today, you can go on a tour of the abandoned tunnels. Address: Cincinnati, Ohio, 45202 Website:www.thecincinnatisubway.com
  6. Oneonta Gorge, Oregon Excerpt from Buzz Feed The Oneonta Gorge is in the Columbia River Gorge with a unique set of aquatic and woodland plants. The ferns and moss make the walls look like a fairy tale, and visitors can walk through the creek on a warm summer day.
  7. Scientist Create “Atomik Vodka” from Grains and Water around Chernobyl By Oddity Central An international team of scientists studying the exclusion zone around Chernobyl recently unveiled a bottle of vodka made with water and cereal grown in the area around the abandoned nuclear power plant. Called ‘Atomik’, this vodka is the first consumer product to have come out of the Chernobyl exclusion zone ever since the nuclear catastrophe that hit Ukraine in 1986. The grains used to make it were grown on a farm located withing the zone, and while analysis showed that they did some radioactive elements, the distillation process reportedly removed all impurities so the Atomik Vodka was found to contain the same radioactive compound as any other spirits drink – natural Carbon-14
  8. What the fuck just happened?(I know its edited it was hilarious to expect it suddenly)
  9. We use to watch every episode of crocodile hunter, it was always entertaining. After learning how everything was basically set up (what they would call fake on YouTube), it was a little bit of a let down, but even with it being set up, it was obviously still very dangerous and the end result definitely proves that point. It was such a bummer when Steve died, hopefully his offspring can pick up the torch!
  10. The old couple using maxi pads or the sponge lady are the funniest. You can tell some are just having fun and trying to be funny while others are being paranoid weirdos. I doubt any of those solutions are effective.
  11. Sure! Just soak it in Lysol 1st. Disclaimer: This method of virus control hasn't been approved, or proven to do a damned thing.
  12. Well now, no one told me I could use sponges!
  13. seems fucking legit. Some people just do so some crazy shit, that's fucking hilarious
  14. the bottom left... LOL!! thats not gonna do shit.
  15. WTF. So in theory you cannot legally be in a vehicle with anyone else? I guess they aren't meeting their photo-radar quota, so they have to make it up somehow. Cochrane is in the same province I am in, more southern near Calgary.
  16. you cant do that its just wrong you cant fine a kid he doesnt have a fricken job and he wont get much money at the age because alot reasons that officer pisses me off
  17. Poor kid still had to waste his time going to court to deal with is, what a freaking joke.
  18. © Supplied to Global News RCMP have cancelled a $1,200 fine given to an Alberta teen for not practicing physical distancing. RCMP in Alberta have rescinded a Cochrane teenager's $1,200 fine for not practising physical distancing while in a vehicle. The fine was issued Thursday evening and fell under new social distancing legislation, according to RCMP. The 16-year-old boy's father, Chris Boettcher, said his son Colby was with his friend in his vehicle, after returning from a job interview. Boettcher said his son was parked in the driver seat while his friend sat beside him in the passenger seat. The vehicle was parked at Mitford Pond in Cochrane. According to Boettcher, the RCMP officer handed out the hefty fine when the teens' addresses on their identification did not match one another.
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