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I've been exploring near Area 51 since 2003, had my Youtube channel since 2007.

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  2. My good friend Desert Jeff also broke into someone's "house". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6RkHOsA8xc
  3. EDIT: I changed my mind. He's DEFINITELY dumb enough for this to be him... All the pieces seem to fit.
  4. I would love to make a video covering him. He's such an absolute jealous manchild. It's slowly consuming him and it's hilarious to watch. We're literally causing him to waste all of his precious time off work right now obsessing over us.
  5. I for one, would love to hear the truth about this clown. I watched a few of his videos years ago, but most of the footage was him in his rattle trap Jeep going down a dusty road somewhere around area 51. Boring. And whenever he sees a camo dude parked on a hill 3/4 of a mile away, he gets all dramatic and acts like the camo dudes are chasing him. Jet flies over the area, and he starts screaming about area 51 sending jets after him to chase him off! What a queen! He freaks out when he sees a camo dude's truck and has a hissy fit....hell, you guys are unrolling an EWU sign for them to see! Love it.
  6. I have a feeling his is going to give us no choice but to make a full video on him. So many people ask us daily about him and his channel. I wonder what they would think if they knew the truth about him?
  7. The reason why he doesn't bother focusing on his channel is because it's dead. Wonderhussy totally crushed him in views on her Las Vegas video...
  8. I remember learning this form of tactic in 'debate 101'. If you can't find anything wrong with the 'report' go after the reporter... and use alot of BS. It has always been a marker to me, a clear indication if you will. Watching someone lie about the 'report (youtube content)' and then attacking the reporter. That's when I know that the report and the reporter are strong. While the complainer is envious and toxic.
  9. Just WOW! That's really strange but well it's good for all of us. Just until this virus dissapears from our lives.
  10. That's very cheap method very very cheap. I know that game. Just pathetic smh......
  11. Yes please, he is sucker for it or maybe its wants to be on EWU video huh? You might never know
  12. I watched this video this morning! It's so strange to see Vegas like that!! I have been twice and we are planning to go back once everything goes back to normal. It's one of my favourite places.
  13. I can't understand someone who has so much time on his hands to endlessly try to cause trouble for others. He should use that time to focus on his own channel, but from what I have seen, he is beyond toxic and thrives off this kind of stuff. He loves to use fake accounts to harass people and then like to play the ole poor pitiful me game. Sick individual.
  14. Wow, that's crazy, never thought Las Vegas would be so empty! Good to see they are following the self isolation. I wonder if those two cops on bikes are ensuring people aren't out there gathering in crowds, but they appeared to only be about 1 foot apart themselves!
  15. A couple people have commented asking what happened to AWC. Makes me feel like making a video on EVERYTHING that happened... I mean, if he's going to continue to harass us under fake accounts, I guess why not make a video putting all the drama out on the table! It's like he's asking for it!
  16. Another creeper who wants attention eh? Well this had me cracking up what the heck dude?
  17. Got you. I thought it was deeper on public land. However it is always good to practice caution. Like if you need to be told that. Lol!
  18. Also, there are usually always two Camo dudes in each vehicle, and I wonder if they cut that down to one per vehicle during the pandemic...
  19. Area 51 became boring for us, it was hard getting out there with a family of 6, but during this pandemic, it would be interesting to see if anything changed. I wonder if the guards have any PPE on hand to deal with the trespassers.
  20. That was behind the boundary, right where Mac Adventures had gotten held at gun point.
  21. @EWU BobJust currious, there was a road that an oversize truck was blocking. Was that road in restricted area or public land?
  22. You could still go up to the fence line during the event, they just shut down parts of the roads leading in.
  23. My first question would be if the state has declared an emergency. I think they have but you would know better than I do. If this is the case expect a wider security zone. They did it for the Storm Area 51 event and they would probably do so in a state of emergency. They may have the authority to question anyone near the red zone. My opinion. I hope I'm wrong.

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