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  2. Ok bro I have the link at work , will send it to you tonight
  3. Hell yeah I want it. Pretty handy to have a goot database for my wanderings down there.
  4. Hey Dave I just got a link to a government survey that lists all the rock types an Nevada and locations , it’s a huge document with no pictures lol but give co-ordinates and stuff , message me if you want it
  5. Il take pics of our best rocks when I get a chance Dave I been working the last ten days so not had time doubt anything will match that smokey Quartz I want lol
  6. Awesome, as soon as I get a chance, I am going to find some of the stuff we have collected and post some photos. There was on video where we went into a mine tunnel and came across some interesting looking stuff. Not sure what it was, but I will grab a screenshot from the video.
  7. That's super awesome, thank you for sharing, and I always wondered how to test minerals in the field!
  8. Anyone have any questions or need help Identifying something heres the place.
  9. Minerals can be identified through a series of tests right where you find them. One test is a simple hardness test. There is a scale of hardness used for this. It's called the Mhos Scale. Diamond being very hard at a 10 and talc being very soft at a 1 By carrying a couple small items in your pocket it can help ID something in the field. A pocket knife. A penny. A steel washer. Or even a quartz crystal. A newer penny made after 1986 I believe is a different material than an older copper penny and won't give you the same result but will be close enough on most cases.
  10. Your very welcome. And you'll have to tell us what the others were when you figure them out. I'll give you a couple hints. One is a Tectosilicate. Hint hint. And the other is a Carbonate. Now also if you happen to have a UV light it might react vividly. Works best with A Shortwave UV light.
  11. And good news!! Chellesbelles received her package today!!! What will be next months giveaway ??? Its been too easy so far. I'll have to make it tougher.
  12. Thank you Emma. Better get in on the giveaway you could get some amazing crystals
  13. WOW, there are some seriously stunning crystals in this thread! Love both collections, SO PRETTY!
  14. Remember...the higher the megawatts the brighter the flash of light will be...
  15. Haha nice !! I make electricity too! I work on a geothermal plant in mineral county
  16. I want to let people know. Most my trips out wandering around looking for cool rocks I get skunked. Its few and far between when I can find good stuff like I post. I've been collecting for over 30 years so I do have a lot I've been lucky enough to find. Also a lot I've taken in trade for stuff. It's rare that I'll find large well developed crystals on a single trip to a place. Let alone several trips.
  17. No nooo I'm far far away in Washington state. Work as an operating engineer at a cogeneration plant. Make electricity. Throw me an extension cord I'll plug you in..
  18. What do you work as? are you in nevada?
  19. I have a lot more than whats in those pics too lol thats just what was on my phone i wanna say theres about 7 large peices of quartz in the bed of my truck too every pocket inside my truck has rocks in them too haha
  20. Sounds like my schedule. No big hurry we have lots of time

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