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  2. $4 Million Quartz Found in Arkansas
  3. Chalcedony and quartz are the same thing Highlander. Just one is noncrystalline. Cryptocrystalline. Take a white porcelain tile without any glaze to it and scratch the black stuff across it. See what color the streak is.
  4. Apparently there was a couple casualties in the shipping. I apologize for the delay. And the broken pieces
  5. I just got my box in from our wonderful host and here’s what was inside! I’ll be identifying the others in the box but I definitely know that one is amethyst!
  6. That sucks, it's crazy how things have changed in just a few short weeks!
  7. Yeah we only really need one person to keep the plant running my wife’s is off work for 30 days that’s gonna suck
  8. That sounds pretty chill, nice to see they are already being proactive.
  9. No the managers an supervisors working from home so there is only 1 person here all the time
  10. Nice find Highlander, if your work going to be shutting down over the Covid 19 virus?
  11. Strange rock. Interesting markings. The second pix looks like an articon but the other two pix disproves my amateurish observation. Still strange looking. But I really don't know.
  12. Hey @That other Dave or anyone know what this is ? I found it on my way to work tonight lol and yeah I know I need to cut my nails cant tell if that’s quartz or chalcedony, but that’s definitely jasper (the brown) and I have no idea what the black is lol
  13. @That other Dave do I send you my address ? Also do you want me to pay the postage?
  14. Hell no, Dave is gonna make the next one so hard that it will take 3 years to get the answer and win it
  15. I’m at work and might not be able to reply anytime soon @That other Dave let me know what I need to do and I shall do it as soon as possible way happy !!! Thank you
  16. Thank you so much want me to stay out of the next part?
  17. Congratulations @Highlander it's a really pretty crystal
  18. Dont worry I'm going to post another one for this month. That went far too fast.

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